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    Jamaican seeds: made in Canada

    Definitely seed. I'm hoping that I can pollinate one or two branches, in a bag, to get seed, then maybe still get a couple Zs to smoke as well. Last year's Jamaicans were huge, and flowered really well. I vape the top crowns and made hash from the rest.
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    Jamaican seeds: made in Canada

    This is a 2mo old, doing well. No idea yet if this will be the seed mama. My old Negril seeds are about 50% viable, so time to generate some new seeds.
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    Planter size?

    I grow outside. I'm replacing all my containers with Rubbermaid bins. Drill drainage holes on the bottom. Have handles and wide flat bases. Once the plants are over 1m high, round pots get knocked over by the wind. I don't do "up-sizing" and the plants are 2m tall
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    Full report is expected :laugh2: I'm guessing it might be just a bit strong
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    Cannabis Decarboxylation

    Can anyone recommend the best way to 'do' the decarboxylation? My oven is WAY too difficult to hold such a constant temperature. I've heard of the "decarboxylation box", but have no idea what that is. Is this a home made gadget, commercial device, what? Cheers
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    To grind or not to grind scraps & dry ice kief

    I did the agitating in the bucket then poured the whole lot into the screen bags. Laid a big (clean) mirror on the coffee table to sift the kief onto, then scraped up with a 3" putty knife. Cheers
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    Unwanted seeds

    Yup, someone nearby has a Male plant.
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    Jamaican seeds: made in Canada

    A couple years ago, a friend of a friend brought some seeds home from Jamaica. Not a risk I would ever consider, but I was the recipient of a couple dozen of those seeds. Fast forward 3 or 4 years, I still have some of those seeds, but their viability is likely dropping. Here's the idea... I...
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    What RH% should hash be stored at?

    Freezer is best for long term storage, wrapped like the posts above. Cheers!
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    Scissor hash

    The plants I grew last summer produced huge volumes of 'production grade buds'. Way WAY more than anyone would want or need. That started the wheels turning to make some hash. After extracting with dry ice I'm left with about 125g of kief. I've tried a couple 1 and 2 gram batches to get the...
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    Scissor hash

    This is my first try. I pressed with a marble rolling pin heated in boiling water, against the top of a kitchen hot plate. Then worked in hand for a couple minutes. Cheers!
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    Storing in a cool dry place?

    Hi @Doctor Trevor Mason jars are perfect. The freezer is better than the fridge. Look into Bovida 62% humidor packs if you haven't already. Use them at room temperature for curing. Then the 58% for storage. Always avoid direct sunlight, unless you're rolling one on the beach. UV light breaks...
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    Do you use a balloon on your vapourizer, or do you draw of it straight like a hukkah?
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