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    Creme De La Creme Cannabis Photos

    :goodjob: What the hell strain is it. I must know the wrong peeps in MI:tokin:
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    Predatory Nematodes for Pest Control

    Fungus gnats fave been driving me bats! I try a product everyone swears by just to have the little buggers laugh at me. But I just discovered predator nematodes that actually live and multiply in the soil and their only mission is to kill all other destructive insect life. The best part is they...
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    Cant stop myself!

    ^Too True, been there done that.
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    Michigan Farm Expert Opens Marijuana U.

    Great story being a card holder here myself.
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    Michigan Farm Expert Opens Marijuana U.

    Great story being a card holder here myself.
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    Darby Holm Glass Pipes

    Beautiful work indeed. I love the glass tanto blade on the top one.
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    A Tale of Two Supermen-and Their Drugs

    For better or worse, our American Idiocracy has come to rely on athletes as national pedagogues. Michael Jordan educated the country about commitment and just doing it. A.C. Green lectured us about sexual caution. Serena Williams and John McEnroe taught us what sportsmanship is–and is not. And...
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    why do this

    Can't go wrong with 12/12 all the way through.
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    Please Welcome Our New News Hawk - WeedPipe

    Welcome to the News Team Weedpipe! Stick in there man, there is a ton of propaganda out there don't let it get you down. :welcome:
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    Maybe a trichome on the Mother Plant

    Well said Freak, we all need to stop and smell the buds and see the true beauty and wonder all around us.
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    Darby Holm Glass Pipes

    Hell Yea! All I can say is Bubbler Please.:goodjob:
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    "5 Things the Corporate Media Don't Want You to Know About Cannabis"

    Writing in the journal Science nearly four decades ago, New York State University sociologist Erich Goode documented the media's complicity in maintaining cannabis prohibition. He observed: "[T]ests and experiments purporting to demonstrate the ravages of marijuana consumption receive...
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    Seeking help for my son

    First off you are not a bad Father. Even tough this site doesn't condone underage marijuana use I feel this should be a something discussed. I'm proud of you to have the courage to bring it up. I'm not sure of the laws where you are but I'm pretty sure the patient has be 18 to qualify a medical...
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    Late Night Insomniac Thread

    Me again, words cannot explain what days of no sleep can do to a person's mind. Only people who have experienced tcan truely understand. Unfortunately that true with many thing in life. Only true this through true experiience can a person understand and and truely understand.
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    hi from michigan, im new here

    Welcome neighbor to 420Mag. Are you a card holder? I'm so proud our state went legal with medical marijuana.
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