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  • whats up bro i just read a posting posted a few months back from you , are you still having problems getting a grow out of your closet ? mine has gone near flawless and getting some foot long nugs going , i would love to help you get a sweet set up going , and since im near the end i know exactly what i will change for the next potting , got a new tub design with some add on's that will in theory be state of the art , and total with 1200 watts of t-5 power (started with 2 4' t-5 and added as i went) think total less than 300 $ and just as good if not 100x better than most pro set ups , anyways let me know your budget and we can go to the drawing board
    we might be some what alike bro , dad was a junkie and was never around raised by grand parents , i to only have a few friends but the few i have the keys to my pad and would trust with every thing i own , but i am also realizing life is short and to miss out on all that life has to offer is no way to live the one life we have been given , its rough in so cal the state is full of back stabbing turds looking out for them self only , anyways dog you ever in OC hit me up i will bust out my personal stash and we can get medicated ,
    just being aware of what we are and were we came from is the first steps of being ok with the messed up hands some are dealt
    i am looking into a wall mount 3 in 1 unit it has PPM TEMP AND PH on ebay for 130$ but surprisingly enough 4 drops of ph down is all it has taken , thanks for the advice
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