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    This summer outdoor

    Ours is living soil also. The ground is open under the beds. Going to be insane!
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    This summer outdoor

    There's a CHEMDOG in there too....lol 10 plants. I put them out way too early. Literally, 4 weeks early. The greenhouse is 9.5 feet tall x 14' wide. I'm gonna have to chop tops before August to keep them under control....lol
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    This summer outdoor

    No nutes. My homemade compost tea and automated watering system. The second pic isn't the most accurate. I'll post a better one in a minute....
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    This summer outdoor

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    This summer outdoor

  6. pontiacman

    This summer outdoor

    KGB, lemon diesel quantum kush, gelato jet fuel, northern lights white Tahoe cookie, and rebel, our 25 year old seed.....30 days in the ground...
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    What is this on my soil?

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    Must The Water Always Be Dechlorinated?

    I dechlorinate my water for adults. The clones and young plants are ok for chlorinated water. It can actually help protect your plant by adding a layer of defense to the young ones. With mature plants, you should let your water sit open for around 24 hours to dissipate the chlorine.
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    KGB Organics 5 Alive 2019 Winter Grow

    This journey is not what was expected. Outdoor will be amazing this year though! I have 10 going in dirt in 3 weeks and will start a new journal. This will include our new automated watering system. Cant wait to show everyone!
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    Slight Discoloration On Leaves: Should I Be Concerned?

    Its normal. The plant my have a weird chromosome from seed or transplant. Mutations happen... .
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    14 days into flower, 2 plants are yellowing terribly

    Old growth yellow leaves are somewhat normal. If they are younger leaves, you may have an issue. Check your ph of your water AND runoff ph and adjust accordingly. I usually get yellow leaves about mid flower and it typically old leaves that are "used up". The plants rub these leaves of energy...
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    KGB Organics 5 Alive 2019 Winter Grow

    2 weeks until harvest.....
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    Seeking Advice on Cloning

    Cloning process' vary. I use a cloner personally. The best clones are thicker branches from anywhere on the plant. Use clones that look " woody" as they will be stronger candidates. Use a rooting powder or gel. I prefer life or clonex. Cut the end of the branch at a 45 degree angle and dip in...
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