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  • haha, poker shark i though the same ;) Was just coming to comment on that you should keep it the Yin & Yan pic, very groovy!

    for taking that big step to help crimson feel better,I gave you some rep. pts.now,do you ever do any growing.
    Hello to you and all your added friends... Where is everone from if ya's don't mind me asking, myself live on the border of canada in st. lawrence county one of the biggest drug trafficing counties around the drug buisness is always booming and hundreds of thousands of dollars to be made if you have the no how and space to set things up.
    I'm not here to learn anything all just fun to me shits and giggles and lending a helping hand on grow issues and maybe meet some cool stoner friends along the way.
    Take care and have a good day all smoke it up!!!
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