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  • Sup Racefan, its urdedpal. A bushmaster post reminded me that I haven't heard from ya in a while. If you get the message send me pm, I would like to hear from ya. You have been missed.
    Hey Race. Thought I'd drop by and see how ya been, soooooo...............How've you been? You just crossed my mind. I remember I could always refer to your posts to take advice as well as give it. I could also use them to make sure I remembered things correctly. Hope you're alright. TTYL :peace:
    Glad your back! Here is to your future health :smokin2: and Happy Holidaze! :xmas:
    Thanks 420, User and HappyKitty. I've missed you all too. It's good to be back.
    hi race fan ,, did i read you had a scrog journal , if so can you point me toward it , and i was wondering if you would mind answering a couple questions about the scrog ?? thanks smokr1 :peace:
    Sending you lots of love, respect and positive energy through the universe. ॐ
    I just saw some pictures of Blackberry and my mouth dropped. It looks so damn good. Blackberry it on my list of strains to grow for sure.
    Do u know of any strain this really good for nerve pains? like neuropathy?
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