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    Back to say hello

    You are so right. Thank you for the response. lol Great site here. Rob and the rest of you have created a great resource here over the years. I've got a ton of reading to do to catch up.
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    Back to say hello

    Good luck racing CavScout420. Once it gets in your blood it's hard to do without. lol I've got a few laps on dirt. I irace during the off season. You should look into it. Tons of fun and a lot cheaper than realcars.
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    Back to say hello

    Hey guys and gals. Been a while since I've been here. See a lot of great things happening here. Was watching a Pigeons420 video on harvesting to see if there was anything new he was doing that I didn't already know about and saw a 420 magazine nug storage jar in the foreground of his video. Made...
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    Booker's Drive To Legalize Marijuana Picks Up Support

    Unfortunately without some republican support in congress it won't go any where.
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    Fallen Cannabis Warrior - Jim Finnel aka User aka Jim Behr

    RIP old friend. You will be missed by many of us. I'm at a loss for words. Great guy. 420 Magazine has a new cannabis warrior angel. Take care my friend. We will meet up again some day.
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    Hello kitty

    Hello kitty
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    Males are not useless. Males carry and release pollen. You can colect and save this pollen and use it to pollinate a different female for cross breeding and/or seed stock. As for cloning... males usually show sex before females and you can always flower the male early, determine sex and then...
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    New Web Server - Please Help Test for Performance and Errors

    Just got back from my free Dennys dinner...welll...grandslam breakfast for dinner. All seems to be running well. Thanks for all the hard work Rob!
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    Lucas Formula: No Flushing

    The lucas formula isn't just about skipping preharvest flushing. With hydro one should be flushing for maintenance as well. That means every 2 weeks or so you should be dumping your reservoir and starting over with fresh nutrients. The lucas formula suggests this isn't neccessary and says to use...
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    Diagnose please! pics

    Have you seen this post? rust explained. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- rust, how many of you have had this and been beaten by it? lots i bet!!! first, rust is a fungi. it is opportunist. it preys on unwell plants. if something is a miss...
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    Bubble All The Way - Turn your leaf and trim into connoisseur-grade hash

    Re: BUBBLE ALL THE WAY - Turn your leaf and trim into connoisseur-grade hash. He's gone. Let's leave it at that. You won't get a different explanation. Sorry for being blunt but it's the only way I know how to answer your question. The real originals run about $150 for a 3 bag set. There...
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    Bubble All The Way - Turn your leaf and trim into connoisseur-grade hash

    Re: BUBBLE ALL THE WAY - Turn your leaf and trim into connoisseur-grade hash. I disagree about using dry matter for bubble hash. The drier the material the more plant matter that breaks off and ends up in the hash. This decreases potency and purity and makes it hard to get fulll melt. I also...
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    Droopy but then bounces back?

    I'm not a fan of topping. Removing vegetation does not increase yield any more than bending the top over (lst) does. You get the same effect which is to redirect the auxins to lower branches without any of the stress of ripping part of the plant off. Besides... why do so many think 2 smaller...
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    DIY Sulphur Burner/Evaporator

    Wouldn't it just be easier to increase circulation and ventilation and opening up the canopy by not packing in as many plants?. Those are what is allowing pm to take hold after all. I'm a cheap bastard and love DIY but when it comes to producing poisonous gasses and introducing them into your...
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    Cannabis Tissue Culturing

    It's a unique idea and I could see a lure to large commercial growers needing a lot of plants at once but most of us are only small personal med growers. Also...speaking only for myself... I'm not ready to spend hundreds on kits and boxes etc. when one can clone for free by cutting a branch or...
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