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    take a nap. wake up. all better. light up again. repeat process.
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    Quick Fix plus

    I've personally used quick fix on several occasions. I've seen it work for many other people as well, and the only reason it didn't work for some is because they weren't able to keep it up to temperature. As long as you can keep the product at body temperature, quick fix is an amazing product.
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    awesome good job your mission is complete
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    Amsterdam in 4 days

    absolutely beautiful.
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    What do you think of my new tattoo design i did?

    i like it, but location is everything. where on u are you planning on getting it?
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    All I want for christmas is?

    that sounds so much nicer than rainy rainy depressing Washington V.V
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    Facts about Marijuana and the Law

    im gonna print this out and carry it in my wallet. thanks!
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    All I want for christmas is?

    Id like a vacation! somewhere with a beach to smoke on.
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    Would this be ok?

    yeah it was one of my first grows and I was oh so eager..... learned that lesson the hard way
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    Amsterdam in 4 days

    Re: amsterdam in 4 days :) yay recipes are exciting. I turn all my boy plants into butter. but the possibilities go so much further than brownies :29:
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    Different ways of smoking weed

    i find a small portable glass pipe is all i need. easy and portable.
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    Would this be ok?

    just watch it. I jarred up my buds too early one harvest and one day outta nowhere they were covered in mold.
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    How to tell my mum?

    if your close with your mom you should be honest with her about it. My mom was my best smoking buddy. She ended up being kind enough to support my habit too :) it ended up being an amazing way for us to bond. Mothers are great and her reaction just may surprise you.
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    Where is your favourite spot other than your house to blaze?

    in the car, while im driving. to the doctor, to work, to the grocery store, doesnt matter. if im behind the wheel im probably tokin.
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    Lemon Kush

    in my 10 years smoking ive never had the opportunity to try kush of any sort. :(
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