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    space case grinders

    Just got my Space Case 4 piece grinder in the mail, wow, this thing is amazing! It grinds so smoothly that you cant even feel it grinding, even better than I expected. :circle-of-love:
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    ChronicHemphog's - DWC - Advanced LEDs - Time to Grow - Grow

    Holy s*&t Chron, looking amazing, as amazing as your plants always look, these are especially good looking ladies! DC, you deleted the 'H' in Chron's name, it had me tripping out for a second...and yes I have been smoking. :)
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    Perpetual Multi-Strain Indoor/Outdoor Grow

    Very helpful post. It had not occured to me that it is strain dependent too. Thanks you! Ohhh sweet. I have to come see. I just harvested most of your God-daughter, she went hermie on me bro! Had to harvest a little early. Overall turned out amazing tho. I will put pics up soon. Thank you so...
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    Cannafan's Perpetual Grow White Widow-Master Kush Reveg & More! CFL's - LED - HPS

    Your girls are looking amazing Canna! :thumb:
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    New City Grower 2.0

    Looking good :)
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    PeeJay's Perpetual Organic Homebrewed Soil - Stealth Cabinet And Greenhouse Grow

    I love those pics! That lavender looks stellar too. I bet that is one great combination of fragrances :)
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    OMM's Aloha Journal Part III

    The perfect way to start a day with some great laughs. I really enjoy it! :thanks:
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    ChronicHemphog's - DWC - Advanced LEDs - Time to Grow - Grow

    Ha ha welcome! You are not the only one :)
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    Graytail's Cupwinners in High Brix Soil - 4x4 - 600W HPS - Perpetual

    Sweet update Graytail. Sorry to hear that Brix is on the low side for you. That Carnival sounds perfect! I may try that one too. I love the look of that little grapefruit plant. I am looking forward to watching that one. :thumb:
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    Perpetual Multi-Strain Indoor/Outdoor Grow

    Well it seems like I kind of jumped the gun by putting plants outside so early, but I figured it was spring time right? My largest P4 clone, which is more like a full blown plant at this point is shooting out quite a few pistils. I am now bringing it in at sunset so it gets 18 hrs of light, I am...
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