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    Clothes Dryer - Stealth Concept Build

    Did it happen?
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    DIY Low-Buck TrashCan - CFL & LED Grow

    How did you go?
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    5x5 tent, 4 plants, veg time?

    Haha, it sounds like you're all over it! Just veg them longer. Blue Cheese by Barney's Farm might be a good option. Plenty of yield! Plenty of indica!
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    5x5 tent, 4 plants, veg time?

    A lot of your answers are strain dependent. They can veg and will definitely finish flowering at different rates if you make this a mixed strain grow. If I was to do this from the start again, I would use 16 (4 pots by 4 pots) in a 5x5 tent. I like 3 gallon fabric pots. You don't need so much...
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    South Indian Sativa LED SOG Experiment

    Hello Hasnain! I haven't read every page of your journal because it's super late here and I spotted your thread just as I was about to nod off (I promise I'll read it all tomorrow!), but I have collected seeds from a trip to Sri Lanka and grew them indoors and out, and what I can tell you is...
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    Need some help - Having a difficult time

    Put them back under the T5! Apart from a tremendous amount of light, they're also not getting any air, so they're suffocating, as Scientific said. Is this your first grow? If it were me, I'd just pop them in some small containers/16oz cups with coco. Keep them under the T5 and lower the...
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    Is she dead?

    Genetics from a drier climate :)
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    High Brix Q&A With Pictures

    Doc Bud - High Brix Q&A With Pictures Deleted. My bad, this is Doc Bud's Q&A, not Rastas' Retarded Responses thread.
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    High Brix Q&A With Pictures

    I find Marijuana Botany to be a challenging read, only because I struggle with the terminology and just don't have enough knowledge on the subject to develop a fuller understanding. But that's why I keep reading it, I suppose. TLO by The Rev is an awesome read and more suited to beginners like...
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    Gee's First Grow - Supersoil Fully Organic LED 2017

    Love the organic grow! I will be doing something similar soon. What's it like having 9 plants in 10 gallon pots in a 5x5? I was concerned placing 8, 5 gallon pots in a 5x9. I use my 5x5 for veg and clones only. Maybe I can squeeze something bigger in there and veg a bit longer. So many ideas...
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    GROWant Journal - SIPs & Living Organic Soil - Sub Irrigated Planter

    Very interested to follow this grow. I'm keen to start growing organically inside and out so have started taking tips. What light will you use to flower these ladies? I'm sure you've read True Living Organics by The Rev. He states that organics in living soil flower best under a 400w MH blue...
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    From Colombia!

    Red rider, are you still around? I've been in Colombia the past few weeks. Smoking Crippy as I type.
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    Simple drip system

    Terpking, I'm pretty late on this one, but that dripper system looks so much easier than the PVC systems I've seen made for other coco applications. I'm definitely going to have to give it a go. Through all the reading I've been doing I've realised just how much bigger my yields could have been...
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    1st Grow 2x600W LED Coco

    Haha, it's all good I settled for a couple of cups of Colombian coffee instead so I'm about as perky as your flowering canopy now! I certainly have enjoyed reading your thread. I still can't believe you've managed to produce those results thus far on your first indoor grow. I'm GREEN with...
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