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Ontario Canada
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Not sure yet.
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Poly = Many.. Tics = Blood sucking insects.
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My Journals
First Grow Journal
Second Grow Blue Rhino and White Widow
Fem Seed Producing Attempt.

Perlite Hempy Buckets with General Hydroponics Flora Trio "Sexpert Schedule" with Calimagic, Floralicious Plus, armorSi, KoolBloom and Dry KoolBloom
Seeding Tent: 3'x4' 2x Phlizon LED 1500w (310w).
Veg Tent: 5'x5' 2x Phlizon COB LED 2000w (450w).. 2x Aglex COB LED 2000w ( 430w )
Flower Tent 8'x4' 4x Budget Led V3 Rspec 240w 3000k


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