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    Does weed get old?

    :rollit:That's dedication right there.
  2. retribusive

    Smoking etiquette!

    Another thing to remember, the way to properly smoke changes from place to place. In the city of Buffalo (college) people don't count when hittin' a blunt, they just take three or four puffs then pass. In Saratoga (home) it's a strict puff puff pass.
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    Today I smoked...

    Fellow tokers, Everyday smokers know how awesome weed is that it makes everyday routine newly interesting. Today I smoked in my woods around 11am just as a way to enjoy the sunlight as much as I could. Later today I smoked before work (makes the first hour or two go by much faster!). About...
  4. retribusive

    Bong or Joint?

    If I just want to relax and enjoy the high life I usually settle down to a joint or a bowl pack.. but obviously bowl isn't a choice. I have a lot of pieces including a bubbler, but haven't ever purchased a bong. I do enjoy them, but a little too intense for relaxation in my opinion. But, in...
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    If plants could talk

    I swear at night I can hear them say "smoke me... smoke me..." its best to do what they say. i wouldnt want to anger the weed gods.
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    Stop lurking, Start posting

    I am retribusive, and I am posting in this thread because someone told me I should. and cuzzzzz im baked
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    Is It wasting Weed?

    I'm with everyone here.. around 3-5 seconds. Not that I necessarily count, but that's about right. I'm sure your friends are still getting baked outa their minds, because big bong rips take probably 5-10 seconds, so the THC is staying in them for a decent amount of time. Seems to me that it...
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    Free at last

    That's a load of crap man.. weed being illegal defies simple levels of common sense. Stay high dooood
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    Comment by 'retribusive' in media 'Silver Kush'

    i want it. i want it allll
  10. retribusive

    Comment by 'retribusive' in media '16119'

    fake? real? if its real that shits legit
  11. Shell Bowl

    Shell Bowl

    Bowl made out of cowrie shell purchased from Mexico with a beautiful painting.
  12. Shell Bowl

    Shell Bowl

    Bowl made out of cowrie shell purchased from Mexico with a beautiful painting.
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