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    Need some advice

    I would plant about 5 or more seeds and look for that outstanding female. Some growers call them ALPHAS. Because you want your clone to be the same. And then keep um in veg and make clones
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    Does anyone know what will happen if I grow quality hybrids in the spring Hawaiian outdoors? Our summer's are very long. However don't hybrids have a internal clock that makes them flower also? Normally these mind strains are planted in the fall and first harvest is about November. This...
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    Promotional Offers at Herbies - November 2015

    Most definate, I am planning to order the sweet seeds auto mix because I am going to try some autos this summer. I hope they not to small and yield a good harvest.
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    Herbies - New Functionality

    I just received some seeds from Herbies and I was happy with the quality of the seeds. I ordered a fem mix 10 seeds for $47.00 total cost and they gave me 11 seeds. I germinated 6 seeds and they all growing. Also all the freebies germinated. I have germinated the remaining 5 seeds and they all...
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    Discuss Crop King Seeds Germination and Growing

    I am careful when germinating seeds these days. Now I germinate seeds by soaking in water about 24 hours then transfer to paper towel. When the seed has a nice tap root then it goes into a plastic cup with seedling mix. I learned to give these seeds all the help it can get because I got a pack...
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    Discuss Crop King Seeds Germination and Growing

    Any outdoor growers here? Give me a holler. Aloha
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    Discuss Crop King Seeds Germination and Growing

    I would love to grow some Crop King genetics outdoors Hawaiian style:)
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    Long Hawaiian summers

    Aloha, I am currently 2 months into my grow. Outdoors Hawaiian style. I have planted hybrids from regular and feminized seeds. I know from experience that hybrids like Northern Lights will continue to flower till May. Does anybody know what will happen when growing hybrids thru the.long...
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    Summertime Blues

    Thanks again conradino23. Dark Devil. I will check it out, Mahalo
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    Summertime Blues

    Eugine 1 I live on the leeward side of the Hawaiian Islands. South and west side. This means we get less rain, plenty Sun and the sunset. Mold is not common on leeward side because it's hot and dry. East and north shores are windward. Tropical climate and sun rise. Lots more rain and cloud...
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    Summertime Blues

    Aloha conradino23 and Eugenie1, thanks for responding. The humidity now is not so high. High humidity will happen in late summer and fall. I am almost 7 weeks into my grow and I do have 3 autos. They are budding out and looks like they will be some kind of dwarf plant maybe 1 oz per plant...
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    Summertime Blues

    Aloha, All my growing has been with regular seeds and outdoors Hawaiian. Growing up in Hawaii I remember we we grew the old Hawaiian Strains which was Sativas. We planted them in the summer and these plants grew into the next year. They grew Over 6 months, 7-8-9 months. Summer was massive...
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    Hawaiian summer

    Aloha I have not grown any marijuana in over 10 years. But I tell you, buying weed here on Oahu is getting expensive. Just about 2 regular joints for $20.00. And the product these days and for years now is commercial indoor stuff. That's a shame living here in Hawaii. I live on Oahu where...
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    Long Hawaiian summers

    Aloha, I have not grown in 10 years. And now I have a secure place to grow. I will grow outdoors Hawaiian style. Yes I remember growing from regular seeds. Always Sept thru April is our season for budding colas. Summer months plants can get into major vegetative state for months. Old...
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