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    Dosage of Rosin in caps for medicinal use?

    Hi all, i didn't know whether to post in this category or medical cannabis one... This rosin has been pressed through a 25micron bag (starting material was isolator hash). Since we're talking about Rosin... Does anyone know the medicinal dosage? My friend who's experienced in extractions...
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    Come on folks let's see some eye candy! Here's some for ya

    Here's one of the colas.
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    First time making isolator hash

    Yeah man! Don't bother with the fan leaves throw them away. Good trim makes good hash! Super easy. We were working for about 4-5 hours.
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    First time making isolator hash

    Now I've never made hash before and i was thinking about making some a few weeks ago... Que in the synchronicity, i made a new friend not long ago and it turns out he's an expert. So today i received a lesson in making hash. Here's the equipment that was used. -Bubbleator -5 micron grade...
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    Rust spots

    Okay I'll give them some magnesium. I have canna magnesium and AN calmag. The ratio is 3:1 cal - mag. Do you think they would be best with the Mg solo or the calmag? Like a corrective flush or just adding it to the feed schedule? The canna magnesium bottle says not to mix it with their...
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    Rust spots

    Thanks for the reply. I was using AN calmag up until two weeks ago as the plants were looking like they needed more calcium. I think i had some of these spots back then.
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    Rust spots

    Anyone got any ideas? These are ourdoor. I ran my finger over the spots to see if my finger looked rusty but no. The spots are at different levels of the plant, most are lower but some in the middle and near the top. I have indoor plants which receive the same nutrient solution and they don't...
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    The Organic Way: Soil Science 101

    Hi everyone, i see the OP hasn't been active for a few years... I'm a coco grower but would like to learn organics. Sorry to sound like a noob, but can someone experienced in organics give me advice about super soil? More specifically the ratios/amounts of ammendments for 20 gallons of...
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    Lemon Haze Monster Cuttings In Coco, Under A 600W HPS

    Hi everyone! Here's my latest adventure in progress! Normally i wouldn't want to show what I'm doing incase I jynx myself... Strain - Lemon Haze Flower - 9 weeks Substrate - Biobizz Coco Light - Growlush 600w magnetic ballast + Growlush 600w HPS bulb Main nutrients - Ionic coco grow/bloom...
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    Cheese seedling
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