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    Another tent setup question!

    Hello Chaps, Im planning a new grow, in a tent this time. Im looking for some advice on how to run the light and extraction. I want to use a 1x1x1.8m tent with a 600w HID Air-cooled Hood. 6" Hyperfan with temp/speed controller. I've done a drawing of two common layouts and I need some...
  2. Another tent setup post!

    Another tent setup post!

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    New Hydro Setup?

    what medium would you choose?
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    New Hydro Setup?

    Hello people, Im putting together a wish list for a new grow. I've done the organic thing a fair few times but now I want to up my game. Please can you people in the know look through this spec and let me know what you think?? Grow Tent BudBox Pro - 1m x 1m x 1.8m Propagation...
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    400W CoolTube Question

    Hi, Yes im now looking into getting a 600w. For my tent size 400w is right on the minimum. If I do a 600w, this reflector does not come with an inline fan, so I will hook it up to my speed/temp controlled Hyperfan. I cant really see why it wouldnt work, i guess the Hyperfan would have...
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    400W CoolTube Question

    Hi All, Im planning my first hydro grow, I plan on doing it properly this time! I want a 400w Digital Ballast CoolTube System - Complete 400w Digital Grow Light, HPS & MH Bulbs for Pros My question is about the extraction from the Cooltube. This system comes with an inline 5" Axial...
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