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    Dick's 400W Soil SDiesel & SBubblegum 2011 Grow

    Not much to say at this point. They are being fed once a week with 1/2 stregnth nutes still. They look great! They are coming along nicely. I can't wait since my stash is running low :ganjamon:
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  3. 12/4/2011


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    Dick's 400W Soil SDiesel & SBubblegum 2011 Grow

    Hello all! It has been a while but work has been keeping me busy. The girls are doing great. I started to flower them once I got them. They have started budding and I'm currently giving them 1/2 strength FF nutes and some molasses. Not much else has changed. Don't mind the leaves that look...
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    Jonny Bee's 1st Grow Journal

    Heat stress is overall temperature but being too close too the light will also burn the leaves. I had some leaves burnt from my 400W before I air cooled it. The leaves curled like yours then dried out and just crumbled when touched. You want to get the heat problem resolved before flower. you...
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    Ashtray For Pipes - Debowler Or Kashtray?

    Re: Ashtray for Pipes: Debowler or Kashtray? I just use stems lol
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    I have never heard this method but I am also pretty new to the grow community. I will say that neither my friend or I have tried the method you speak of. I don't think this will hurt you but I can't say that it will help either. hopefully someone else has tried this method. Good luck
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    White Widow 12 Gallon Soil Flowering 2011

    Holy crap IGotGreen, that's a nice looking plant! Have you grown in a 12 gallon pot before? I previously used 3 gallon pots and am now using 5 gallon. I noticed you said you vegged for 3-4 months but there were outside variables that contributed to the length of time, how long would you normally...
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    Dick's 400W Soil SDiesel & SBubblegum 2011 Grow

    Update: The two big girls are alone and have been switched to 12/12 The smaller ones have been put into the other cab with one T5 at the moment, I wil be getting another one soon (they are stretching for light in there) New pics! TaylorMade, thanks for the compliments. I didn't...
  11. still vegging

    still vegging

  12. still vegging

    still vegging

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    Jonny Bee's 1st Grow Journal

    Hey johnnybee, nice grow! The leaves look like they were heat stressed. Is your light hood vented? If not you should invest in a hood that you can attach an inline fan to. I had huge heat problems on my first grow because my light was being cooled. Anyway, everything looks good. When is your...
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    MSquared's Organic Soil Indoor 4 Strain Grow - Perpetual

    Looks great MSquared, I'm jealous. I wish my girls were that far along. So you think the power outage is only going to cost you a week of growth time? That's pretty good considering the amount of time you didn't have power. glad to see you are up and running again.
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    First Time: 250 Watt MH/HPS 2x2 Closet Grow

    Nice setup bowsie, I will warn you about that desk fan though. I had 2 of them and one has died in less than 6 months use. I will also mention that once the plants get bigger these fans arn't strong enough to move them. They will circulate air but that's about it. Everything looks good...
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