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    Custom seedling & clone mix

    What has worked really well for me is When I clone I use aloe-vera leaves from a live plant, cut open and insert the cutting, and I swear to you it will root in the aloe leaf. Just need to have the correct RH
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    Should I compost and how and how do you use it?

    Absoulty but its a little late to be starting a compost bin. The 2 that I have I start filling them in July. And you need to layer the ingreedients layer of regular dirt,layer of vegitive compostand must always keep moist. The total process usually thake about 6 months. But I like to add the few...
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    LEDs, Lumes & LUX

    First of all how big of a space are you growing in? And to make sure I have enough light for the entire plant I actually have 4 other 15-30 watt led floodlights that work great for filling in spots where the big light does not penetrate. I have 2 yellow 1 green and 1 red led floods screwed into...
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    What is this? Few fan leaves look sick

    It looks like a nitrogen issue. maybee this can help you identify the issue.
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    How long?

    Well Cannabis never actually stops curing and you can keep them in the jars for over a year. after that if you have not been burping them every week or so starts to degrade kind of like the same thing that light does to Thc. But you can put the buds in the freezer in or out of the jars with no...
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    Destroying another's plants

    Interesting please keep me advised on what you find out. I grew up in Burbank but now live at the beach in Oxnard. Let me know if you are not to far maybee we can hook up and talk shop.
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    Stressed out auto

    Some friendly advice. When you have chalenges like haveing a young kid around. My suggestion would be to put the freshly cut buds into a papper bag and roll the top down and put a chip-clip or a girls hair clip so it does not open. This is known as the fast drying process which still takes...
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    Destroying another's plants

    Great information I appreciate the thoughts.
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    Destroying another's plants

    Thank you I actually live in an old Artist studio that I have turned into an Appartment addding bathroom, Kitchen and a shower. The buildings on this property were built in 1903 and we are in the historical distric. I live alone in the apartment but in the main house there is 3 rooms that the...
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    Free AK-47 Seeds

    This is week #1 of veg day 4
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    Free AK-47 Seeds

    once again thdey have not popped through soil but I did but some sandwhich baggies over the top of the cups to keep my moisture and RH higher. I fed today with water only.
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    Stressed out auto

    There are so many factors involved in that question. First was the herb dried and cured properly before you smoke tested it? And second what was the stress that that the seedlings went through?
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    Plant fuel fertilizer

    I just used on my last grow. I used the grow fuel and the bloom grow and they worked pretty good. Is what I liked about it it can be used in foiler feeding at 1/4 strength. As long as you follow the instructions on the bottle you will be all right. I dont know why but everytime I try to make a...
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    Free AK-47 Seeds

    Ok still have them on 18-6 light scheduell and they have not broken ground.
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