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    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    Those seeds were all made in Jan 2015 if I remember right. I have had a hell of a time even getting what I have left to grow properly. Out of 20 in a bucket of soil I've had a half dozen pop. Of those 6 only 2 have managed to grow a second set of leaves. I may use those two and produce some...
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    What's wrong with my babies?

    Take a look at this link. It will help you get a handle on DWC and what is and isn't needed. Click This Link
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    Best Air Stones: What has worked for you?

    I don't use any airstones in my DWC. You can see in my journal that it doesn't keep me from some heavy harvests.
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    Root rot possibly. How warm was the solution in the reservoir?
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    What's wrong with my babies?

    Hydroguard is a must. Roots look fine. B52 will leave them with a stain, one of the reasons I no longer use it. AAMOF after many side by side grow experiments I've gone from using the entire Grand Master line to only using the AN pH Perfect m,g,b.
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    Dark Devil Auto: A Community Grow Record

    In DWC nearly every auto plant I grow shows sex between days 20 & 25. Stretch usually lasts up to days 45-50, and harvest is from day 85-105 depending on strain. DDA are a 90 to 95 day plant.... when I can get one to sprout their first set of true leaves. :eek: Yep, I haven't had a DDA...
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    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    :thanks: I'm happy it helped. I might tend to agree with the downtown traffic comparison today. I just finished water changes on eight buckets... in a 5x5. :hmmmm: Four of them will move to the 4x4 after the soil grow harvest. :11::11::11: yep, something I've never managed to do to any...
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