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    Filter/Light hanging placement?

    hey all, 1st off thanks in advance Anyway. how you guys hanging your filters. I got the bigg 8" and i want to mount as hi as poss but my walls and ceilings weak azz. got a hole in ceiling already and can see the beam, thinking of trying to connect to the beam. this would put the carbon filter...

    Fetilizer N-P-K

    hey what did you do in the end? get a nitrate 1.0.0?? and what did you do for flower? im thinking go with the 20.20.20 with a higher N added, then when flower comes remove the N and use a PK like 1.2.3

    NPK Formula help please?

    that the thing though I wont as these are tried and tested not individual elements. Im not dumb. These are basicly all round feeds at crazy cheap prices. 1 kg 10 bucks ish that will make me 1000s of feeds. Id be able to duplicate known feeds easier. Trust me this is the way forwards. A simple...

    NPK Formula help please?

    ok all. ah dont think I can do pics so im just post the npk values. im after a decent all green veg aswell as a all green flower and boost. then ease off for flush. ive already got 1.2.3 and either need a all round which i can get 20.20.20 for but basicly i want to get like 20.20.20 and...

    Slow growth?

    Re: Slow growth cfls only for clones bro. probably using all available light too but how the fk u burn them with cfl loool they just stressed n fixing there self by looks. side arms or lower branches should be still growing. Id re think your hole grow roo. get a 400w metal or hps or even a...

    Gorilla Seeds June Comp - Better Late Than Never!

    I go with ghs as a company due to cheese So fav breeder is franco from ghs fav strain ghs cheese. Ive tryed others but cheese is guaranteed knock out and seller. Want to try other seeds but not at 50 bucks a pack to spend 3 months and there whack and on that ground alone you should do...

    Dynagrow bloom recipe?

    Doe any one have a recipe so I can make dynagro bloom? has it even been done? Im hydro and want to get into making nutes that work for the low rather then getting nutes that dont for the hi lol And any 100% formulas for cal mag, pk13/14 pk 9/18 and what the other 1? id like to run sode by...

    Are You Looking For A New Seed Bank? - Try Bonza

    bro. what were the popped seeds like? whack too?
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    Hi and bye

    forums so cluttered you cant fond what you want and can barely get a reply to a thread. Need a recent posts feed and a good tidy up. I will pop in from time to time but doubt I will post much which is a shame as I have a ton of experience. Might just do grow journals I dunno. Its nice...
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    Pineapple Chunk Hydro Grow From Seeds

    update? shouldve just took cuttings off the best 1s before flower, big cuttings, rooted them and fkd the runts off. Also fks me off how expensive seeds are yet so un reliable. Could be a case of phenotypes here too.
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    Advice please - HPS to LED

    Hey bro. I would veg in led and flower in full hps. you dont need no big wattage on veg. Tbh im interested to see if there is leds that can produce same buds as hps but im yet to see any. And yup there is such things as to much light and just wasting it. it all depends on size of your pots and...
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    HPS vs LED wattage

    like he said. its all about the lumes and spectrum. veg they dont need a certain spectrum or as much lumens so you can use a low what blue led 2500-3000k which is gives off the perfect light for veg but will do nothing in flower. You can then go with a t8 led at 7000k in flower but the lumens...
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    Some advice & help please

    can you tell me which single seed bank has best prices and promos at the minute and which haze would you recommend and the best price/ shop to goto. do any do paypal at all? Im thinking along the lines of arjans haze, vision silver haze and zambeza white widow x haze. let me know if you...
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    Herbies Competition Time - Win Seeds Of Your Choice March 2016

    "When I was young I wanted to grow up to be the biggest baddest dealer in the City." ! Buy single Ace Purple Haze Seeds from Herbies Pick n Mix
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