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  • HI Rob Greeting From Michigan.... We're Legal :) I am in love with the seed.. The Growing BUG/BUD has been in me.. my plants are taking me over. Not to the point I bother the ladies.. Just to the point That I stay On Point With how I care for the Ladies... I am loving every minute of it.. I did my first flip The day after my dads house burnrt Up.. Feels like my childhood was erased.. But it couldn't stop me cause the ladies needed care. TTey have helped my mind stay put.. Growing has helped me so much I stopped taking nasty pill... NO MORE Valium :) I have only been at it for 35 Days. It has changed my life.. Thank you for having this web site. Everyone is amazing !! I have learned so so very much in just a few short days. I hope to have this little operation take me to higher lol And Bigger Sea's Of Green... One Day maybe.. As for now its chill, Learn, Read , Listen and Absorb every little Bit Of Info... My learning disability is kinda good for this. I have to stop to read out loud.. This Topic sinks in so easy... I have never been able to learn as well as I am learning about these Ladies.... Thanks Again 420 Magazine ITS THE GREATEST EVER !!!
    Hey Rob, I am a 33 year old from Australia and would like to know how to go about applying for a moderator position. Ive seen you havent got any Australian mods and might be helpful having one. Thanks mate.

    Kind Regards


    Most all of us members truly appreciate your time, effort and expense for creating and maintaining 420Magazine. I was a white shirt black tie wearing IBM guy and lived IT for 40 years, before it was called IT (AIS - Automated Information System - IBM speak from the 70s) and I somewhat comprehend your recent IT pains. Try to not let a few detractors derail your mission or demean your attitude, this resource is so very badly needed. 420Magazine is very unique, not geared toward financial profit, and THE most useful cannabis website in existence. I'm not sucking up, there's nothing I could gain if I was doing so, just a heartfelt note to let you know your work is meaningful and positively impacts real people in untold ways. THANK YOU.

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