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    Hot dry desert air - Percolate it?

    Ok I have a lot of DIY exp so I can build a box and run the ducting and electric with ease. The problem I have been thinking about is how to humidify and cool the air here. I live in the Vegas Valley so it often gets 110+F and the humidity is often 20% or less. I had thought about...
  2. Percolator


    <p>Quick sketch </p>
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    Is this safe to smoke?

    You could at least let them know as a public service:) They may be unaware and some people may not know better and smoke it :( I suspect it would be worth the Karma points !
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    Is this safe to smoke?

    I would not DEMAND a refund/exchange but it could not hurt to ASK ...
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    GangstaJah's - 178W Total CFL - Soil - Grow

    I am subbed in ! Gangsta Jah..as a rasta I find that quite an entertaining idea :)
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    Looking at the long haul

    Those ballast type bulbs are kinda spendy to replace every 2 grows which is what I am reading is sugested. Since I have a permanent condition I plan to grow the rest of my life once I get started. So the less consumables the better :)
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    'High' each and everyone

    Howdy !
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    Looking at the long haul

    As I have been reading about lights I have gotten the impression that MH,CFLs T5s,and HPS all need to have the bulbs replaced every couple grows. How about LEDs? If you can run them " forever" or close to it and not have to buy new bulbs it seems that would be a BIG money saver over the long...
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    Looking for a mentor in the Vegas Valley Area

    Figured it couldn't hurt to ask :)
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    ItsNatural's - Scrog - Truthband - MoneyMaker - Lemonskunks - Earthjuice - CFL/LED

    Re: ItsNatural's - Scrog - Truthband - MoneyMaker - Lemonskunks - Earthjuice - CFL/LE Wahooo my first page one sub !
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    Bernie Sanders will legalize Cannabis

    Well that would be up to congress as I understand the constitution. Not the Prez :)
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    No! Water changes, expensive nutes, sterile cloning: Aquaponics!

    I have read that pot plants do not do well in Aquaponics. I would think it would be a dream setup! What type of system are you using? Raft, media, Dwc or some other hybrid. I was thinking they would do well in dutch buckets but I was told the nutes are not right to get good flowers. Given the...
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    From Seed To Smoke - Hydroponic Blue Dream

    2nd page but I brought popcorn :)
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    Like A Virgin: Except Not So Much

    I thought it was a topsy turvy grow :)
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    Looking for a mentor in the Vegas Valley Area

    Hello gang, The title pretty much says it all. I live up north near the cannery casino but would be willing to drive to learn. Thanks all! Robo
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