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    Aeroponics question

    Here is a chart of my chemicals. I use 1 tsp of mega crop, 1 tsp calmag, 2 ml hydrogaurd and 2 ml PH Down per gallon when I refill. When I top off daily i use 1 tsp calmag, 2 ml hydrogaurd and 2 ml PH Down. I change the water every two weeks the PPMS just keeps rising. Water usage 24...
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    Aeroponics question

    Thanks TS, one thing I forgot to mention is my plants look absolutely beautiful. What ever is going on there is zero change in leaf color and it seems to be growing real fast
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    Aeroponics question

    Anyone using Aeroponics, Mega Crop and tracking PPMs? My PPMs keeping going up over night without me giving nutrients. its almost like my water and chemicals are brewing and getting stronger as a go. are you experiencing anything like this? Is this normal? my PG has been averaging between 5.8...
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    Male or female

    Thanks everyone, it has been removed, hopefully nothing has been pollenated it was on 12 days into 12/12
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    Male or female

    Any help would be appreciated male or female
  6. Jailbird.jpeg


    Male or female
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    Is this male or female

    Is this male of female, 3 pictures same plant.
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    Looking for PPM Meter

    Thanks for the replies I really appreciate the advice
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    Looking for PPM Meter

    I’m switching to DWC and I’m looking for a good PPM and PH meter that won’t break my bank any suggestions?
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    Help: I have to move two DWC plants in flower

    Get an outlet that plugs into cigarette lighter and then plug in your air pump
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    The Quadsquad Thread: A Community For Quadlining

    Curious about the potatoes, What do they do?
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    Flowers turned brown

    This flower is right at 8 weeks. This was not like this Saturday. All of the leaf tips have been turning brown and crispy. Other plants in the room are fine. any ideas
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    Making butter

    I make butter quite often using dried popcorn flowers trimmings. I was wondering if anyone has tried starting with fresh cut flowers? if so did it effect the outcome?
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    Buds still loose and very leafy: help?

    I’m not a professional but I think this could be some of you issues. I don’t think a 315CMH is very effective in a 3x5 area at 18”. I had the same results as you with 3x6 area. In a 3x3 area I get nice solid colas. 3x6 area I get fluffy colas. JMT
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    Butter From Dry Ice Hash

    The kief was like a combination of ash and flour when it was done decarbing it did not melt, it dissolved in butter with in minutes. Strained through cheese cloth and got very little residue. It’s very potent I got 8gm which I added to 1lb butter. Ended up with 1.5 cups of butter which will...
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