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    How far should flowers be from LED?

    18'' for flowering, for my Viparspectra's 600 LED lights. Have done 6 very successful grows using this distance :thumb:
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    Why vegging further from lamp?

    Its 4' x 4' x 80'' vivosun tent :)
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    Why vegging further from lamp?

    Hello :ciao: I have used the same 600 Led Viparspectra for 2 years now, this being my 7th grow in a tent. I have found that once the seeds have sprouted, it is safe to lower them to 22 - 24” distance while in veg. While in flower, I keep the distance to 16 - 18” . I have been averaging...
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    Worm castings

    I start my seeds off in a solo cup using a soil like promix hp. I add 1 heaping tablespoon worm castings mixed in with the soil per solo cup. Using spring water to water at this young stage. No PH adjustment needed. When they are ready for their transplant into a 5 gallon pot, I add one...
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    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: May 2020

    Girl Scout Cookies, 8 weeks in flower. Reached its peak harvest time at 11 weeks :)
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    Dr. Seeds Girl Scout Cookies, 8 weeks in flower, took 11 weeks to reach peak harvest
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    New Grower Needs Advice: Top Canadian Soils?

    I definitely made my raised garden too small, but happily, it all worked itself out for space. I Love growing, but I’m a “keep it to the basics” type of grower (less cost the better LOL) Here’s last years garden, 4 weeks till harvest pics. I’m standing behind the plants in the first picture...
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    New Grower Needs Advice: Top Canadian Soils?

    :ciao: I used Pro Mix premium organic soil, for in the ground grow. Additives were worm castings, Gia Green organic fertilizer, and one bag of Miracle grow organic sea compost dug in with it. Got over 3 lbs of 2 - OG Kush plants. averaging about 9 hours of sun only. I only fed them nutes when...
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    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: May 2020

    My first ever entry, AK47, Christmas harvest.
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    My Girl Scout Cookie

    :ciao: Seems the Girl Scout Cookies like a long flower period. I’m on week ten, and just starting to see some milky trichomes. Looks like they may go 11 weeks. They are feminized though, not auto. Patience seems to be the key with these girls. :thumb:
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    Happy 420
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    Girl Scout Cookies 8 weeks in flower
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