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    Magnus8's Canna Cream, Body Butter & Canna Lotion Study Hall

    Hey all! Quick question... I have made a batch of RSO/CCO, and would like to turn a portion of that into a topical for cuts/abrasions, etc... would it simply be a matter of mixing the existing RSO with a carrier such as grape seed oil and rubbing it in? Maybe a recommended ratio? Thanks!
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    How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    @InTheShed, I'm a little confused, can you clarify? The OP states: "When we heat cannabis to convert the THCA and CBDA into THC and CBD, we are also converting THC to CBN at a faster rate. At about 70% decarboxylation, we actually start converting THC to CBN at a faster rate than we are...
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    How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    Apologies for all the questions, I'm new to all of this and am still developing the protocol :) I would like for the oil to be as medicinal as possible without the euphoric effects so I can take high doses and still function reasonably LOL... I have other means of getting high when I like :)...
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    How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    Thanks @panacea, you've got me intrigued... I should also mention that I am specifically trying to target throat and sinus area with the tacking, but if you feel the bio bombs would be just as effective then I'm all ears. In the meantime, I'm gonna try and decarb my existing oil... thank you...
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    How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    Thanks for the suggestions :) I'm specifically looking to tack the CCO so I can avoid the buzz. I've been tacking what I have but it seems to take forever to get absorbed... did it last night before bed and when I got up this morning probably 1/3 of it was still on my gums after ~8 hrs sleep...
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    Cannabis Oil Dosing Tutorial: Tacking Method

    Hey all.. quick question.. when you tack, about how long does it take for the CCO to be absorbed through the gums and be completely gone?
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    How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    Hey all, I have a quick question... I made a batch of CCO a few months back, first time trying, and it seemed like it turned out well... definitely potent, I made the mistake of licking the spatula and I was wired for around 15 hours lol. Since then my method to dose has been taking a...
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