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    New to hydroponics

    Hello so I’ve been growing weed the past year simple soil and water nutes etc I’ve just purchased a simple bucket hydro setup, I’ve put water in etc and rockwool germinating the seeds. What do I do for nutes? I want something simple but have no idea from this point. Also do I have to add nutes...
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    Plain water from seed do I pH?

    Thank you, how do I know is my nutes are chelated? I use Biobizz grow and bloom.
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    Plain water from seed do I pH?

    Hey, When starting out a new seedling up until I start giving nutes I never PH the water. I Just get it out the tap and put it in, Is this wrong or should I start changing the PH? Cheers!
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    DIY Grow Room

    Generally, nothing, never have. I know I should though. My extractor fan goes through the ceiling into the loft. Maybe I could put a vent on the roof and then an intake fan and tube back in, what do you think? Would also keep temperature cool as its from outside.
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    DIY Grow Room

    Hey, so I have a cupboard in my bathroom which is 90cm/80cm/280cm. Can't find a tent with a decent size for optimal space so I've decided to just do it myself. - This will be my flower room, I have a smaller setup and tent for my veg room, going to try get a harvest every 50 or so days. 1) I...
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    Veg time for my setup

    Hi, So I want to work out the best veg time for 2 plants under a 300w actual power from wall LED, Mars Hydro 2000w. To obtain a yield of 250g-300g. How do I figure this out? It will be in soil, using GH cheese seeds to start with, 56 day flowering period. Nutrients will be Biobizz Grow and...
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    Perpetual Grow Advise Please

    Thanks, whats the best way to calculate the ppfd? I've never done this or heard of it. I'm still quite new :-), I had a Google but still don't quite understand! I have a device that measures lux if I can use that? Thanks!
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    Perpetual Grow Advise Please

    Hello! So I want to be able to harvest every 42 days which sounds doable with the flowering time of some of the strains I've found. What would be the best option? I have a 4x4 space I can veg in, so I would have 1 main LED light in there putting out 450w from wall output, thus 3 in the veg...
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    Need Help! Low Yields

    I'm a new grower and just had my first 100g dry harvest. I'd definitely recommend finding out the true output of your lights! So I got a Mars Hydro with a true output of 150w, vegged until it was 1/3 of the grow space and then flowered. Maybe it's the genetics, I used BCN critical XXL normal...
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    How long to veg for this yield?

    Hey so my last grow was 100g dry with a 150w actual from wall. 3 weeks veg and 8 weeks flower. if I buy a 450w actual from wall, what sort of veg time should I aim for to get around 300-450g yield? soil cupboard grow, 3x3 space. thanks?l!
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    Upgrade light more yield?

    Hey so I just finished my first grow ever of cannabis BCL CRITICAL XXL feminized regular seed. one plant under a Mars hydro TS which had a true out put of 150W. My yield was 105g dry weight. if I had a Mars hydro TS with a true wall output of 450W would my yield of been much more?
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    Trim THC content

    Hey so I harvested my first ever plant that I got to grow and yielded 150 grams! Now I have a ton of trimming left like the sugar leaves and some stalks etc. I’m going to make gummies and want to know what THC content I should be doing for estimated dosages. so my seed was a BCN Critical XXL...
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    Yellow leaves, normal?

    I'm growing in soil and only have been giving Biobizz Grow and CalMag throughout the whole of flower, didn't give anything during veg and was fine without any signs of deficiencies. I have a loupe coming on Thursday, I am looking for cloudy trichomes right? Thanks!
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    Yellow leaves, normal?

    Hey so I did a 3 week veg on this plant maybe 4 and that started from seed on 18th august. Been in flower for a while with nice green leaves and everything was going well. my leaves are all starting to go yellow now, is it normal? Nearly time to harvest? My first proper grow!
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    Should I trim or leave?

    Thanks!! :) and yes it is a photo.
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