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  • RV, I'm so sorry for what you are going through, I havee been there myself. Just keep on keeping on my friend, you are still a bad ass biker chick!! Glad your wife is fine, if you can get a chance check my journal, I posted pics of the new baby girl, the staff here let them stay up. Peace and God bless you my friend.
    Hey RVgrower i have harvested my blue widow and im pretty sure that i am going to pull about 8-12 ounces off of it. I also i have coming some new genetics from samsara and emerald triangle seed banks. The genetics that i am getting are 2 atf hybrids and a og kush. I also have a buddy that is bringing me some tga subcool chernobyl beans for trade of the blue widow clones. that makes me with og kush, blue widow, bubba 76, punky lion (atf x chronic), holy grail 69 (punky lion x haze), and chernobyl. I would use aurora innovations roots organics and if u want some micorizae i would get aurora innovations roots organics oregonism. This is just what i would do because i live in the pacific northwest and aurora innovations is in eugene oregon and that is the only soil that i use. If you want a good soil concoction i would go to youtube and look at subcool420's super soil video it costs like 300 dollars to make but you don't really need nutes. It is just for flower not for veg.
    Great post on that 420 girl's thread.....I felt the same way after I took a ton of time trying to help, only for her to not read it and then ask the same questions....LOL... Makes me not want to even help...lol.... Hey, when you get a chance, can you stop by my 1st grow and lemme know what you think...Unlike many, I did very thorough research before starting anything so I believe I am up to a good start...but any hints, suggestions or tips would be very much appreciated...thanks!!!
    Hi RVG!! I'd be happy to be your 420 friend :)
    Sorry I haven't been able to write back any sooner, I have been extremely busy with school... I am a 20 year old full time college student majoring in biology and studying to become a physician (that prescribes marijuana!) lol A few years ago, prescription meds put me into liver failure so I am a strong advocate of medicinal marijuana!
    Thanks for your posts in my journal. I have read most of your first journal, and I am just starting your recent one. Nice work!! If you ever need any help, I try to get on 420 at least once a night (after my homework is done!) I'm always here for you :)
    It is nice to meet you! Sending my blessings to you, your wife, and beautiful girls!
    And I am sending it back to you, brother....Mother Nature is my Goddess, and I love and cherish all animals and plants that we have on this beautiful world. Now if we could just get people to smoke some of Mother Nature's gift to us, then there would never be any war, violence, or unnecessary illness and suffering anymore...I do pray for that and really, basically, just real "world peace"...it's such a beautiful planet with so many different and spectacular plants and animals, some still being discovered everyday. I pray for people to come to their senses and see there's plenty of room for all and if we embraced each other's differences, then this world would be perfect! Blessings to you and yours....
    Thank you sweetie, that really means a lot. Sending you lots of love and positive energy. :Namaste:
    It is an honor to have met with your graces as well, mam. Very much obliged of the kind words. Was not comparing you to my mother in age, only in spirit, and I am glad that it was well received. Maybe one day we will be able to grace each other in real person, blazing up a fatty, listening to old Alabama, Lynyrd, or something of the like. Glad to have you as a friend.
    Where is your current journal, I am very interested in seeing it? Gotta say you inspire me also, remind me alot of my mother, who was one of the greatest people to ever walk this earth! Let me know if you need any help, I am very experienced with growing CHEEEAAPP!
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