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    Jacksass CDB Cheese In Soil Grow#2

    Patience and time dont underestimate that small one I am rooting for her
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    2percentmilk's first introduction

    Welcome officially to the group! Hot damn you are growing some beast!
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    CanaGrow's - Indoor Soil Dinafem Dinamed CBD Auto 300W LED

    DAY 53 - UPDATE AS PROMISED SOME CDB BUD PORN!! First up is the journals title girl the Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto flower I am loving these fan leaves shes got and she was so easy to top and train . Her buds are spaced nicely from the tips all the way to the trunk on each branch. She smells...
  4. 20180712_094912.jpg


    Dinafem Critical + mother plant
  5. 20180712_094905.jpg


    Dinafem Critical + mother plant
  6. 20180712_094842.jpg


    Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto
  7. 20180712_094849.jpg


    Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto
  8. 20180712_094853.jpg


    Dinafem Dinamed CBD auto
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    420 Magazine Website News: July 2018

    Thank you @Teddy Edwards for all your hard work it keeps me coming back multiple times a day to catch up, share and learn. Also a BIG THANK YOU to all the sponsors, with out you and your companies we all would be lost!
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    Drug Screen

    I was thinking the same thing @TorturedSoul . Slip your clean sample in and that should make the right temp, and pass a pat-down or no purse check right?
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    CBD Joy: A Community Garden Experience

    My dinamed cbd is in its third week of flower and WOW the buds are stacking up nice. Great aroma coming from the tent too. I will update my journal with some bud pics tomorrow
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    Hello new grower here looking for some input

    Welcome to the group! Solid advice from these two great growers above me! Ultimately veg for as long as you like and the area you have to grow in. Keep in mind that when you switch them to flower they are goi g to stretch additionally too so it's all a guessing game. Bigger pot = bigger...
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    Morning Light Dinafem Critical + clone
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    Golfer420 - Continuous Grow

    Oh no sounds like an auto, butt heck roll with it! Any flowering plant is better then one that doesnt right?
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