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    Great led light choice!! And will do you proud in ur 4x4... Overall a good move!!
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    What is going on? My poor seedling

    So many twists and turns in this thread..... Could make a film out of it..:popcorn: :nervous-guy: :bong:
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    Gods gifrt turning yellow and dropping..

    If it was a nitrogen issue it would affect random leaves they would go completely yellow and fall off...in ur photos the plant is suffocating through overwatering hence its affecting the whole plant the droopy leaves are also a sign. Rarely I've found in veg yellowing leaves there pretty bomb...
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    Gods gifrt turning yellow and dropping..

    Is it overwatering??
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    49 days ready? Help please

  6. Sancheh

    49 days ready? Help please

    Lol going through the same issue myself!! :nervous-guy:
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    Purple porn

    Nice nug :high-five: yeah ur right I dont think another week would hurt..thanks:smokin2:I'll post again this time next week so can c the difference :5:
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    Purple porn

    Hi...gotta lot of experience on this thread so I thought I'd use it again...can someone tell me if these look ready?? Alot of the leaves are dying working from bottom to top tricomes cloudy some are purple,calaxes are swollen they look like sweetcorn I'm thinking a week more???I want to leave...
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    Hello from Ireland! I finally signed up

    Top of the morning /evening to ya!! And :welcome:
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    Purple porn

    Hell yeh!!cracking looking buds mate..wat strain??
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    Purple porn

    Yo bobrown!! She's purple bud from sensi seeds!! I've been growing a few of there strains over the past few months with great results. Urs look delicious!! BIG UP THE PURPLE CREW..!!:high-five:
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    Purple porn

    Hi everyone !!! Just thought I'd post a couple of photos of my purple bud for no other reason then she's a thing of beauty!! Enjoy!!
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    To much light?

    Not a problem in veg :yahoo:
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    Cloudy days indoors?

    I'd connect up a push bike with dynamo to run those greedy hps lights...and peddle like hell:reading420magazine:
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    Found the joy of l.s.t

    Great advice from everyone!! :thumb: Thanks alot Nice one bro :thumb:
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