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    All We Need is a Bag of Weed!

    Here is the link to the full episode,the marijuana related part starts at 5:55 and the song starts at 10:50. Family Guy Season 7, Episode 12 - 420
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    Comment by 'sdseeber' in media 'American Freedom by Shindig'

    Is it possible for a symbol to be an oxymoron?
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    What do you reccomend for my B-day Dankfest?

    Out of the strains you listed I would go with bubblegum, but if you can get any strain white widow is always good.
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    Your stoner quotes

    Re: Your stoner quotes. I didn't think I would ever stop laughing. This is one of the best threads I've seen in awhile. I need to start writing some of the stoner quotes i hear/say down, would be interesting if everyone else did the same. We could have a super-thread going in no time!
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    Chronic in Cambodia

    Looks like my idea of paradise. Where in Cambodia is this?
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    Why is Marijuana Illegal?

    I dont think greed is part of the reason it was made illegal but I do agree that its one of the reasons its still illegal...there are quite a few companys that think they would lose money if marijuana was legal. Add racism to the list though, if you know how it became illegal you know it played...
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    Your first time :)

    When I first smoked I smoked about the same amount as the three regular smokers I was with and they were all high but I didn't feel anything. Not a very interesting story but true.
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    Which bowl/slider to buy for bong?

    Are you trying to chose from some you have already picked out or are you looking for one to buy? If you like standard check out This.
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    Marijuana Decriminalization Poll on CNBC.COM - VOTE

    I always figured that the general population would favor decriminalization in a poll but I didn't think that it would be by this much!
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    Favorite time to smoke?

    I'm a midnight toker :smokin2:
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    Interesting thoughts you've had while stoned?

    Nothing, just the magnetic field. Something trippy to think about when you're high is that even the densest objects are made up of almost entirely empty space (well over 99% space). Edit: Spelling
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    The newest addition

    Not big on the color but I like the design. +reps for sharing
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    Hey There Delilah - Parody Chief Greenbud "Its Only A Weed"

    Catchy!...and sends a good message
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    Reporter during drug burn.

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    Cop overdoses on brownies

    Re: stupid cop overdoses on brownies wow...he obviously believed all the lies he has heard about marijuana and thinks he can overdose but he still decided to use it...no wonder he had a bad trip...i was laughing so hard at some points that i could barely breath...i thought i was dieing...lol
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