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    kush club in venice

    went yesterday and got my recommendation from the doc at a really good deal (from what i know of other prices..), $90 for the full year. my buddy with me told them that he got his for $90 somewhere else, and they offered to match the price. dont know if it works for everyone, but it did for him...
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    greetings (again!)

    hello hello i'm from Los Angeles, and finally back to medicating regularly. i'm a fairly recently discharged army paratrooper (oef, oif 1 & 2) and took some time off from cannabis to figure out if VA prescribed medication would help me sleep. my mind and body have finally voiced their...
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    Understanding Your High: The Effects Of Marijuana On Consciousness

    many, many thanks. if spreading knowledge does lead to good karma, i most certainly hope you get your just desserts. again, many thanks.
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    Where do you toke?

    at some of the [no pun intended] high points in & around L.A. ... downtowns highrise buildings with catwalks over busy city streets, some of the roads running through the valley to west L.A. (sepulveda to sherman oaks) .. the roads out by studio city with awesome views. .. anywhere with a great...
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    August 6th 2008, Medical Marijuana Outdoor Grow Op.

    definitely a beautiful display of outdoor work. many kudos to this guy.
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    Hello From Austin TX

    although i'm not from Austin, i most certainly had a great time (on 6th st!) while i was there! Hello from Los Angeles! :peace:
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    greetings weedlings another long time lurker turned registrant here.. love the site, especially the forums.. figured it was about time i joined as here in the near future (3-4 months) i plan on being able to afford my own -legal- grow op. little about me: i'm a mid-twenties guy from...
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