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    Curing & Boveda Packets

    Maybe whatever you're using to measuring it is off a little because the packs are dead on their good just burped the jar to get it down to 62 then your good to go but I wouldn't even worry about it popped the packs set it forget it
  2. Serpent

    Hi everyone country grower here

    Hey Hey hello hope all is well you'll love it here not to worry and nice pick of seed i seen Dinafen at the Lift expo they have a sweet line up
  3. Serpent

    White Widow leaves turning brown at tips

    Hard to say if you have more spots i would lean more to something else do you have other pics with the burn marks just want to make sure but sounds like over feeding if a lot of tips are burning it may be time for a PH flush to fix and get back on track
  4. Serpent

    Sharkbreath's Mystery Grow!

    Ya your fine around %50-%60 is fine. Honestly Sounds like you're over thinking it you got this the plants look good and the pics show it keep up the good work Puff Puff Pass ⚗
  5. Serpent

    Sharkbreath's Mystery Grow!

    So you where drying out but still Looks good. How's the humidity you can see the corner of the leaves curving that a sine of low humidity if you have a water bottle kicking around a little mist here and there will help and keep bugs away.
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    Question - Why do my leaves look sad at night?

    They look fine I have some seeds down around the same week and look the same give or take
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    Question - Why do my leaves look sad at night?

    Your off to a nice start :bravo: they do that i see it all the time when i open my door when it lights off they look over or under water but not to worry
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    Switching light types during grow?

    I do it all the time T5 or CFL for clones and seeds. you'll be fine just don't feed the little ones for two weeks they pack food in the seed after two weeks go easy on the first feeding keep up the good work
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    My First Grow - 4 x Bubblegum Female Autos With LED Bulbs & More

    re: My First Grow - 4 x Bubblegum Female Autos With LED Bulbs & More Nice job you got some killer NUGS:cough::cough::cough:
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    Switching light types during grow?

    sounds like you got this don't worry i pop my seeds with CFL after a few weeks its trans plant feed and under 1000w MH
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    Attention! Don't be a Richard Cranium!

    crazy i don't know if its me but that dog looks more piss then anything (Dam stupid Bugs) i can read his mind but GH has some sweet Azamax that you can spray and its safe for the plant in any stage
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    Sharkbreath's Mystery Grow!

    Looking good hold on sounds good lol send some pic so we can see whats going on but I'm pulling up a seat and see where this go's :good job:
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    Long Time Here - First Journal

    Its all good not to worry thats how life is we get so busy with day to day stuff but its always good to roll a joint bust a Dab and chill with the good people at 420 Mag happy health to everyone :Namaste:
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    First Grow - Auto LSD-25 & Auto West Coast OG

    looking nice :surf:
  15. Serpent

    Long Time Here - First Journal

    ya sorry everyone next one will be better as where getting new set up with 3 1000w and new grow room all update pic's coming soon
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