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    What Jeff Sessions Could Mean For Legal Marijuana

    Absolutely my brother. I stopped growing because it wasn't worth the time, effor:goodjob:t and money I could get being forced to sell to those GD collectives, med shops or whatever name they called themselves. Want top notch product, pay zip for it and want to pay out over time as if they have...
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    4000 Watt Top-Feed Rec Grow Cubes Cap'n Style OG Kush

    Kool Video S1ng... Hey, that Electrical panel which I only could see for a few seconds, well it looked awesome. Where did you get that?
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    4000 Watt Top-Feed Rec Grow Cubes Cap'n Style OG Kush

    9 BAGS!!!! Holy $hit man, I am happy with the 5 bag set-up I use. More than this seems a bit redundant as the difference in Microns isn't too far off. It just seems to me that the finer sized bag in my 5 bag set-up catches all the Trichs just as well. Oh well, just IMHO...
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    4000 Watt Top-Feed Rec Grow Cubes Cap'n Style OG Kush

    Nice room! When the lights go on, you'll be able to dry your hair, get a tan and fry any bugs within that radiation zone. So-o-o-o bright, it'll be blinding. Might need some sun glasses!
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    Spouses and your grow

    YES INDEED !!! AWESOME TO SAY... I totally agree with you. Anyone who has grown a few plants or more, knows first hand how involved it is. In fact, I heard that over 90% of those who "jump into growing" thinking this is easy and I'll make a ton of $'s, fail and abandon it due to the extreme...
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    Spouses and your grow

    AWESOME MY MAN! That is quite possibly the best thing I have heard in well over 50 years! If only the MJ plant had a Vagina quote, not the made my day... Gotta' love it. Thanks for making my month!
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    Spouses and your grow

    EXCELLENT IDEA! I LOVE that Bubble Wrap!
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    Butter and Oil

    Fellow 420-ers... As we speak, so-to-speak, my two front teeth are below the gum line and have become badly infected; it goes all the way up to above my eyes. Sinus is the swollen pain source and smoking gives instantaneous relief for this which actually is far more effective than the pills I...
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    How To Clone A Cannabis Plant

    One of the most common problems I have seen is that people tend to over wet their cuttings. The cuts take the majority of their water in from their leaflets and not from the stems. Once roots appear, then the stem is most responsible for water intake. The misting and "moistness" is very...
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    Cold Summer - should I yank?

    Re: Cold Summer,,should i yank The bottom line is that you won't know if they're "ready" until you can take a look at the Trichomes and see what they look like. Clear: still developing; milky: highest THC they'll be at; Amber: THC turning to CBD and so on... It depends on what you want in your...
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    Having a go a cloning

    I have not seen much about this subject. Most people do nothing. I have always put a dab of roofing cement on the cut if it is larger than 1/4". Keeps out bugs and diseases. Never had a bad result from this. The more cuts you take, the more shock the plant gets. I try to limit it to the four...
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    Help! Male or female? - Mango Kush

    Most definitely is a boy, sorry...
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    Any ideas why these plants are so different at the same stage?

    SPOT ON analysis above! Isn't patience a bitch?
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    First Time Grow - LED - Advice Welcome!

    Re: some advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good advice but I'd like to add this: And then read more, a lot more! Spend some time on here and look around. Get to know the site & how to use it. Read some journals and try to find a few people that sound like they walk the walk. Follow them. Before...
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    Having a go a cloning

    The most important thing to remember is that cuttings need moisture and not be "wet". Moisture for the individual leaflets and the stem too. It also needs oxygen (fresh air) at the stem because it isn't yet taking up water like all those fine roots do. The cutting absorbs moisture through its'...
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