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    Male or female - Guess the baby cannabis

    I'm with Juan, looks like balls
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    Ready to Harvest?

    Don't let those white hairs fool you my friend lol. She has be foxtailing and just keeps growing. However I did find a scope and looks like about 25/75 cloudy/amber trichs so I made the chop. And I was in a situation where my time schedule forced me to chop her so couldn't have went longer if I...
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    Sillymoose1's - LED - Indoor - Soil - Adventure

    Last bunch of pictures. Pics of only 1 plant. Took 6 hrs to trim by myself so was tired and in pain and didn't take many The last pic is 4 of the colas from her but only 1/3 of the big colas.
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    Sillymoose1's - LED - Indoor - Soil - Adventure

    Not sure right now but will post it when time comes.
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    Sillymoose1's - LED - Indoor - Soil - Adventure

    I suppose you can move this to complete now. Made final chop today! complete and successful 1st grow under led. I am completely satisfied with MarsHydro from light performance to customer service! I do believe the 1200 is perfect for My setup, as well as the 300 Watt led in their respective...
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    Ready to Harvest?

    I'm in need of opinions. My girl is about 10 weeks old. Who thinks it's ready to harvest? Under certain light it appears to have some amber trich s but doesn't show in photos. Don't have microscope right now so just gotta guess.
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