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  • Simon, Hi ...or maybe u prefer Hi(gh) Simon,

    perusing the DIY section and came across a"stinkiebuds aero system"and ended up on your grow journal. I don't know if you know/did it but a utube vid of the modified build is marked "removed by user" . . . . maybe u did but they do have a tendency to censor shit and blame it on the user so thought I'd let ya know.

    Reason I was lookin' at aeroponic/hydro was my back is also fucked andcompost making/lifting/filling 20 litre buckets is agravating it so I may have investigate the "water way" - to be frank, it scares the shit outa me - sure as shit I'll screw it up as it's gunna be a lot less forgiving than soil. Added to that, the filth (coppa's) busted ALL of the major grow stores in the country (!!!) so getting the correct "food" may prove difficult .

    Anyhow Simon, if u could find time to sort the video I'd be most appreciative - thanx
    well here is quick low down running 3 600 watt on a single curcuite is pushing the edge and i think ballast pull a little more on start up and most growers i dont think to stagger start up so the sudden draw could cause the line to heat up, My math says each of your lights pulls in the area of 6.6 amps per unit and this number could be different impart of ballast quality design, so safely you need 2 circuits for lights if using 3 units if using 2 and the curcuit is dedicated to those lights your in the clear , and this is being real safe 8 amps to play with so let me know ballast specs , and it never hurts if using extension cords to get the heaver gauge wire ,distance is Resistance ,resistance is heat hope that some of this made sense lol
    sorry for slow response on drawing up your electrical plan if you still need it i can have it for you ASAP this forum is very hard to keep tabs , anyways very sorry i wasnt trying to slow down your grow lol thats like having your car keyed nooooooooo lol not my grow
    I've been seeing alot of the NL#5 and Skunk#1 mixes @ the seed bank. Sounds Awesome!!. What combo gave you the best yield with NL?
    Have you ever put 2 plants in a 2gal pot with that system before? Sounds great. Especially if you ran all 12 buckets that way. It would be a damn thick SOG
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