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    THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds

    Re: THC Bomb, by Bomb Seeds Hello S-redneck, I believe you called it! , filtered water has to be the culprit. cold temp would be bad. it has not a nute or mineral to be used. I have done the glass of water "back in the day" worked well, just slower / longer. Rootone or clonex does work...
  2. Slag121

    THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds

    Re: THC Bomb, by Bomb Seeds I don't know why U guys DON'T clone!!! its so easy to take UR best performer & keep her going & going. saves weeks of time & guranteed female each run! Slag BTW: your exhaust fan needs 2-3 times more inlet square inches -vs- of the outlet fan size. if screening...
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    Hydroponics - Low THC

    You DEF want teh 1k light!!!! I bet it isa heat issue, UR cooking the ticomes off the leaves. U should seea HUGE increase ia all aspects of growth!!!! they need more NUTEs, more H2o, careful temp humidity control! I danced for JOy after moving on up. Slag
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    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    Ok, 5 " snow gives me time to mess around! my Edibles pic. Slag
  5. Lets Eat Krispies the makings

    Lets Eat Krispies the makings

    <p>My efforts so far</p>
  6. Lets Eat Gummy bears

    Lets Eat Gummy bears

    <p>My efforts so far</p>
  7. Lets Eat

    Lets Eat

    <p>My efforts so far</p>
  8. Lets Eat Ginger Cookies

    Lets Eat Ginger Cookies

    <p>My efforts so far</p>
  9. Lets Eat Choc Krispys

    Lets Eat Choc Krispys

    <p>My efforts so far</p>
  10. Slag121

    The Cannabis Kitchen - Cooking With Cannabis

    Ok cannfan. ur on. see pics! if I can Figure out pics link. Slag
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    Magical Butter strain pain

    I say get a Potato ricer & wrap teh mix in cheese cloth, get it warm enough & squeese it out to the last drop. I just LOVE the one I just got! Slag
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    How To Make Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    That is a well documented process! Nice JOB! I can only add that a Potato Ricer is the best ever device to squeeze every bit of oily THC goodness out with ! so easy, Slag
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    Mom plant care: root pruning

    bonsi Moms are the ONLY way to grow! it keeps a variety available to switch in & out. BTW: Nirvinas Raspberry is an easy Clone/rooting plant. props to them, Slag
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    Mom plant care: root pruning

    I cut off an inch all around, just like the article said. re-potted & they both failed to thrive. wasted weeks, so never again. far easier to take a cutting in my regular cycle & pull out the Fav for a new bonsi mom. Slag
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    Flowering clones vs. regeneration

    I have had fails on the regen of a Flowering plant. ZERO results 2 x ! Don't hold your breath, that is IFFY stuff. clone some prior to 5th week of bloom, keep a bonsi Mom & cut off her, she keeps for 2 yrs or so. more predictable, Slag
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