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    Cleaning my KONG

    first i start with hot water. hot tap water should do the trick. this softens everything up. then i switch to a solution of vinegar and salt. fill it up maybe half way and shake it up. this usually works pretty well for me. DON'T shock it by hitting it with cold water immediately after...
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    Using bananas to feminize your seeds

    i think ive heard everything now
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    young plant falling over

    Re: youg plant falling over ive heard that can cause the stem to rot, its pretty much dead by now, very wilted and fallen, but hey ill give it a shot
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    young plant falling over

    I have a very young (a week or so) plant in soil. It shot up faster than others I planted at the same time, and is maybe 3-4 inches long. The problem is that the stem wasn't strong enough to support the growth and it fell over. I have it propped up on a string attached to both sides of the...
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    Effect of marijuana on the immune system

    interesting read. id still like to see more modern research into this area from a neutral organization.
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    Effect of marijuana on the immune system

    I was told by a college teacher that marijuana has negative effects on the immune system somehow (cant remember exactly what he said) I believe he said something about it hurting t cells in some way, and because of this it is not a good idea to give to medical patients who need their immune...
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    Why is thc in marijuana?

    Im sure there has to be a real reason why it is there other than to get people high. Ive heard it could be to protect from herbivores and pathogens, as well as possessing high UV absorbtion properties and to protect from radiation. Just wondering if anybody really knows the answer. Wasn't...
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    Pure Vaporizers

    All it says on the box or on the vape itself is Pure Vaporizers. It looks quite similar to the Vapor Brothers models. Heat adjustment knob is on the back. The only problem I have with this product is they way the screen sits in the whip, and that the whip must be held on to while using it. I...
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    A Cheap Solution To Ventilation In A Closet

    this sounds like a good idea and just might help me out
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    Little experiment

    Veg half to see if they grow more, and flower the other half to see what yeild is like.
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    Nervious about first harvest

    i have been flushing them for at least 2 weeks. i think today is the day
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    Nervious about first harvest

    ok heres the deal First time harvesting, hairs a little more than 70% orange, all trichs are milky under a magnifying glass, smaller leaves up top are turning purple, and fan leaves are dying. Unfortunately I dont have a camera. Should I harvest? I just don't want to get premature bud after...
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    Toronto Prof Demands Ventilated Room For Pot

    thats cool you smoke everywhere requesting a special room being built isnt exactly a way of keeping it on the downlow now everyone who reads about him knows
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    Toronto Prof Demands Ventilated Room For Pot

    vaporizer. no smoke, almost no smell. problem solved.
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    13-Pound Marijuana Plant Leads To Man's Arrest

    of course the cops cut all the bud off and saved it for themselves before they took the picture.:30:
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