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    Yet Another Nube Grow Journal

    Meanwhile, back in the grow tent, the trichomes are getting hazy
  2. Trichomes too!

    Trichomes too!

  3. trichomes


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    Yet Another Nube Grow Journal

    Two days since germinating - all four WeedSeed Express Chocolope seeds have popped! I've moved them from their incubators to a spot under some florescent grow bulbs.
  5. Nursery  Cryme!

    Nursery Cryme!

  6. Four babies!

    Four babies!

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    Yet Another Nube Grow Journal

    Today I began what will shortly be my second grow journal. I'd ordered a bunch of seeds from Weedseed Express, received them in good time despite the post office delivering to the wrong address :rolleyes:. Here are the seeds for my next grow - Chocolope feminized seeds, very heavy 95/5 Sativa...
  8. June 12 #1

    June 12 #1

  9. June 12 #2

    June 12 #2

  10. Seeds - from Weedseed Express

    Seeds - from Weedseed Express

  11. Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool

  12. New homes

    New homes

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    WeedSeedsExpress: Get 5 Free Seeds With Your Order!

    I got my seeds on June 8th! The USPS tried it's hardest to lose them by delivering to my neighbor a few doors down. Thankfully my neighbor is cool! Weedseed Express Service: :headbanger::adore: Mike
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    Dehumidifier and carbon filter question

    Sorry - no cred unless he drove the Zamboni. :cool:
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    Dehumidifier and carbon filter question

    Here's a picture of my setup. After reading through the thread I guess I'd say my basement is the lung room. I keep the humidity under control in the basement and the air seeps into the tent through all the various openings. I keep all of the tent's access holes closed except for the carbon...
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