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    Clover mites?

    Hey DeanB, I'm looking at the same thing. I see them on some cedar fencing that we brought home to reuse, old stuff. They are fast and red, thousands of them on these boards. I figure that their speed means they are a predator. If you consider the speed of a spider mite I'm sure you've dealt...
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    Weird curled leaves and now it's spreading

    Do you have a 50x scope? Those little hand magnifiers. Look at that closely at that power for any little critters. Just to rule out a pest, particularly russet mite. If that is what you have I recommend using diatomaceous earth. Apply the powder with an applicator to top and bottom of leaves and...
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    Nam vet needs help with setup

    Trying to find a link to get his kit? Would need to do 16x 7 gal smart pots for one run. I would like to try that in one of my rooms for sure.
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    Nam vet needs help with setup

    I have spent the last hour looking at the High Brix method and either I'm really slow or it is quite complicated. I am definitely down for better end results and natural bug defense. I will study this a bunch more in hopes of upping my game. Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to see a...
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    Nam vet needs help with setup

    Any Vet has my utmost respect. Nam Vets have always been my heroes. I grew up in the 70s, and saw guys come home forever changed. I thank you for your bravery, and service. I hope you found the answers to your questions. I don't know much about coco or moss, but always had luck with fox farm...
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    The cure for Russet Mites it works!

    I know this sounds completely noided but I feel it's no accident they are bad this year. I heard more than once that they were locked up in a level 4 lab in Georgia for decades. Then when Colorado went green, there was a resurgence of them. There are some big companies that would love to see the...
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    The cure for Russet Mites it works!

    Here is a goody for you. I believe in Karma, so maybe if I help you, someone will help me. I got a new strain from a friend this spring Hindu Kush and had nothing but problems with it. WPM, spider mites. I cured that with Neem every 4 days for weeks. However I noticed a deficiency and nothing...
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    New room 12'x30'x12'h Medical low plant count Gavita's?

    F'n delete this if I could. Thanks for all the help, fk the new guy. No worries I'll figure it out. Later.
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    New room 12'x30'x12'h Medical low plant count Gavita's?

    Gavita rep states a room that size req 16x1kw gavs, no center path put paths next to walls. Have to redo calculations on ac. Also interesting when you crank these up to 1150w you need to add 600 btu ac per. Likely have to go with larger room to still have access. Light the room not the tables...
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    Best bottled organic nutrients for 2015

    Wow! I thought hey I need to switch to organics for flavor and better meds. Tired of chems. Then I come in here and omg this looks real hard to pull off consistently. I have patients who are counting on me to continue providing for them. I am leery of trying something brand new like this. Funny...
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    New room 12'x30'x12'h Medical low plant count Gavita's?

    Hello all, New here but seasoned. Looking to do a new room with modular scrog on wheels. Trying to pick the right Gavita's and AC. Medium: soil, top feed, organics. I was going to go with a 5 ton split A/C tri zone 18k,18k,18k per room, inverter type 54000 btu. Quest dual 155 pint dehuey per...
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    Simple Hydroponics Reference - Capn Style!

    I know this is an older thread but I too was here looking for his info. This is my first post on this site. I was turned on to it by searching scrog vs lst and saw one of his awesome threads so I joined. Now I'm bummed that he is gone. Still trying to figure out this site and will hang out for a...
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