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  • Can someone please advise me on autos ?!?

    I planted autos in pea pots
    I was going to take the PP and plant directly into there next stage of pots which are plastic and easy to cut .
    I then was going to let them grow for a little and they put the into there final 3 gallon pots?

    what I need to know../

    will this stress my autos out ?
    Is my process ok ?


    My next replant needs to be the Pea pot directly planted Into there 3 gallons pots ??

    someone ?

    You'll get better results with your questions in the frequently asked questions section. Autos are best in final container, just plant your pea pot (no clue what that is, I'm assuming similar to a rapid rooter) into the final container.

    Try starting up a grow journal, feel free to bring your questions into the appropriate areas of the forum and you'll get there.
    here is the life cycle of auto's:
    weeks 1-3 = vegation stage
    weeks 4-12 = flower stage
    I’m feeling defeated and that my crops going to die . I thought I was cut for this but I second guessing myself
    Can some one tell me how close the light should be when you have new babies ? I have noticed some of my leaves turning yellow?
    Some pictures would be helpful in helping to see what the trouble is since it may not be the light as the problem. You will need to give specifics about your light so we can help.
    Teddy Edwards
    Teddy Edwards
    Please post your question in our FAQs, where you'll receive plenty of help and support. :Namaste:
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