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  • Help me with LST tips!! Will my main cola re-assume dominant top position?? 3 month Veg.. Here's a couple of pics of her shape:
    Hello my darling!

    Thought would drop you a quick message here as I can't do it via PM yet...thank you for my laugh for the day, sooooo needed!! I am willing to bet those coppers took a few bits for themselves!

    Catch up soon, have a lovely day!!!! xxx
    Just a disclaimer from my legal team.. Any comments made are purely my own thoughts and in no way am i telling you to illegally grow and comments about marijuana grown are done so by a person with a medical marijuana licence and in a decriminilised state. Suggestions, stories and such are 'purely fictitional'.. Coughs* ok well yes, i dont know nuthin'
    Im not a professional and cannot solve all my plant problems.. But i am learning and am willing to learn more if i can. Ive seen alot of the same mistakes being done with ppl's plants and i think some ppl may be getting told things that are not suitable for their grow.. Even most seeds ive just thrown in sum loose soil out bakyard watered here and there still grew ok?? Thats no nutes just outdoor sun and sum tap water.. So best ask rather than risk ur plant and all ur time and effort i rekn!! Goodluk and Happy Harvesting;)
    For those of you who'd like to see some of my pics i have sum old pics in 'nuggets and buds'... Blazemup!!;)
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