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    Yield prediction

    You are spot on. I have done the same and although bigger pot came out wit 7 to 8 Oz's. That lasted me a long time but I missed growing so much. Now I do 1 month veg then I flower. 3 gallon pots 4-5 plants at a time. Always different strains every grow. That keeps it fun. IMO.
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    30 days in - questions!

    Its all about mimicking nature. but you have to do it inside that's the key to it genetics and seed are a big part of it but he can mimic nature then you're not going to get the best bud Imo. I have it at degrees when the light on and 7275 when its off and then for flower I put it on 70 degrees...
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    30 days in - questions!

    fresh off the temp change.
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    30 days in - questions!

    IMO light degrades it the fall. That's why I lower my lums. I get lots of color and trichromes when I do. You can do it anyway you want and get good bud. This is just what I do.
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    30 days in - questions!

    56 degrees when the light is off. 600 watts veg 430 flower
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    30 days in - questions!

    My grow room is in the 75 degree range. I water every 4 to 5 days depending on the soil conditions.
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    30 days in - questions!

    They will be fine but Ds doesn't have the micro nutrients that rain water or distilled water with added micronutrients would have I'm sure it's not a problem but rain water is the way to go. IMO.
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    30 days in - questions!

    Looks like to much water to me. But I am not there just my opinion. Keep her going man!
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    Purple Kush Harvest day

    just harvested one of mine today also. Long live the purp my friend!
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    My leaves don't look happy

    I agree with everyone. But the pot looks to be on the small side for a flowering plant IMO. Is that a 10 or 12 incher?
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