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    Oklahoma plant limits

    6 seedlings; 6 mature plants. Thats how it's written. Which is poorly worded, but who is surprised when non-cannabis people write cannabis laws.
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    How early do you start LST?

    For LST, you can start as soon as you see the first growth from nodes you start bending. You want to expose the node growth to better lights, so start early and be gentle. :namaste:
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    First Grow

    Looking good brother!! Here is a LINK to some quick dry methods that may work for ya. You can get a decent loupe from the amazonian place for like $10. I just got a 30x/60x from there. Them colas should start swelling up soon. :yummy:
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    Sour Diesel

    :welcome: Here are some links to starting a journal and stuff if you would like to check them out" How to make a grow Journal Helpful Links for New users Glad you joined the community!!
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    Perfect Sun LED: Higher Par Than 1000w HPS, Save $50, Q&A

    Have you called the warranty number on his site? You can also maybe send a pm to a mod, as they may have a route of connection as well. I'm sure he will contact you soon either privately or publicly when he gets the message relayed. No one wants an issue mid flower, I feel your pain. :Namaste:
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    Carcass' $150 Low Budget Grow 2019

    It did and made me smile every-time I looked at it. The plant in the black one gets pretty nice for a noob-in-a-cabinet-with-cfl's kinda grow.
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    Carcass' $150 Low Budget Grow 2019

    He is something special. :) He is a beast of a grower, who looks strong and not stringy. He will make a great bagseed daddy. :high-five: The Northern Lights and Peyote Critical are looking good. You are on the way to being one happy grower! I also enjoy the home-made remedy with the frog tape...
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    Green Crack, 24 inch, stocks good inch wide and loads strong branches, loads defoliation, comments please and pics soon

    :19: No worries mate. I have the same issues. Although Mrs. Spimp would tell you I had plenty of issues to go around. Three lovely ones you have there. I can't wait to watch them grow. :nomo: Here are some links so You can start a grow journal if you like: How to make a grow journal How to add...
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    Mars Hydro Giveaway Time: Come And Win TS-2000 High PPE LED Grow Light!

    I want the Mara Hydro TS2000 because Mr. Squiryl never got to use one.
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    First Grow

    Being "in the tent" is my favorite bit. Next to the smoking of course. :slide:
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    I was just reading last night about OMM passing and the care you provided. Words cannot express...

    I was just reading last night about OMM passing and the care you provided. Words cannot express how much respect and love I have for your care and generosity you gave to one of the hall of famer's of 420 magazine. You have always been one of most positive and helpful members here, and I truly...
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    Hi I’m Josh from Knoxville,Tn

    Hi CloseToBowl :ciao: Here is a link to the ACTIVISM section. I hope your state will legalize soon! Also, here are some links to GROW MJ and how to SET UP A CLOSET OR GROW ROOM. This place is full of knowledge, and helpful people.
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    Seedsman Review

    Hi everybody :ciao: This is a review from my recent interaction with one of the much appreciated sponsors here, @SeedsMan seed bank. Selection: 4.5/5 Price 4.25/5 Freebies 5/5 Shipping 5/5 Overall 4.75/5 {Will Use Again}...
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    Old School Answers & New Ideas

    My area can't keep up with the demand. I recently had a discussion with my local purveyer about how uncured and fresh his buds were. He is a part time smoker so it was an interesting exchange. Of his 10-15 weekly varieties, only 2 or 3 look smell an feel like they weren't rushed. But it still is...
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