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  • Hey Sqweels, a long time ago I said i had a home made PH down that was cheap and effective. Well the first batch was but i just could not repeat the experiment. I don't know what changed, the composition of Fruit Fresh or what but I just could not get the same results as I had in the beginning. New research using swimming pool PH down is underway and if I get this into the manageable/repeatable arena I will send you the details. At any rate you are over the curve on growing and getting great results.
    regarding molasses.....Passive hydro is no problem--no pumps, filters or small tubing to plug up. The molasses is feeding the beneficials in the medium, which acts like soil in Hempy's case (water, drain). I don't think you can over do cal, mag or iron because the amount is so small. (Last sentence says to treat your "water" as you normally do--calmag, ph etc. There is sulfur also to help terpine development.
    Don't know if responses to the blog notify you or not, so here's a copy......Regarding Total alkalinity (TA)....A water test kit, used for swimming pools....or an analysis available from your water supplier. Or take a sample in to a water treatment company like Culligan.
    Whats good Sqwheels, just letting everybody know that the link that you have been getting mad at me about is now active!!! see you there!!!

    Hi Buddy, I have a Nikon Coolpix L110. I love the thing. Does macro (close ups) really well. It's about 2 years old. I think I paid about 275.00 for it. It should be cheaper now. If you don't want to spend that kind of money, a smaller coolpix is a good choice too. OMM
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