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    General Hydro hardwater feeding schedule

    ebb flow system using growblocks
  2. steevtokes

    General Hydro hardwater feeding schedule

    my water reads a ec around 1.2 700ppm out the tap. i just discovered this. so im bout to switch to floramicro hardwater. does anyone have any experience with the GH line and working with hardwater? how should i adjust to there schedule to compensate for Hardwater besides using the purple...
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    Leaf curling mystery

    is watering at night important for the plants? i have 250 pump running constantly with air stones in the rez. heat could be an issue. im going to take the 3/4 spacer out and still cant decide on times for the pump to kick on. the light kicks on in 10min imma go handle the rez top off and correct ph.
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    Leaf curling mystery

    thank you i greatly appreciate it. i know how to upload them its just such a tedious process and i was in a rush. thank you
  5. steevtokes

    Leaf curling mystery

    sorry for the poor quality and incorrect upload process im very busy
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    Leaf curling mystery

    hey community, havent posted in awhile due to my garden has been doing very well! but i cant figure this one out. 1000w raptor(32"from canopy) 4x4 7" tray 40g res GH nute line(measure to 30g) ph6.2 ventitaltion is prime! 4weeks veg 4"groblock on 2" in a 6" groblock 2 3/4 spacers...
  8. chem 4

    chem 4

    18 days from harvest 1000w hps foxfarm
  9. skywalker og

    skywalker og

    18 days from harvest 1000w hps foxfarm
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    CA DEA ghetto bird circled my house! need advice quick

    I agree but the way they flew/hovered over my house gave me a good scare. I'm gonna let them ride. if anyone has had a petty scare like mine please feel free to share.
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    CA DEA ghetto bird circled my house! need advice quick

    there doing a bust operation in my small community. they have busted 18 ppl this week with tons of marijuana and guns. I am only growing 6 plants in a 4x4 tent in my master closet. ther is an AC unit and a 1000w light dumping heat into our attic. the bird flew over today and deffinetly spotted...
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    Tent or no tent

    right now I have a 4x4 tent that barely fits in my 7x8closet with shelves on 3 sides. their is just enough room to squeeze by under the shelf to get to the back. if i take out the tent i will be able to: raise the light higher vent the room evenly close closet door use crawlspace for air...
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