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    Mars-Hydro LED Grow Light Discussion

    Hey I have recently purchased a marshydro 300w led of eBay 60x5w , I was just wondering what distance I should have the light from the top of the plant in veg and flowering? The grow room is 80x80
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    Mars 300W LED - Pineapple Express & Blue Mystic Autos

    Thanks yeah only hit 30cm I think due to the led light being to close in veg as mentioned above here's some new pics , there's is some type of deficiency or ph problem mayby also cupping of leaves around top cola
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  7. 3 week

    3 week

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    Mars 300W LED - Pineapple Express & Blue Mystic Autos

    Around 3 weeks old , led light is 12 inches above plant and 6 CFl around 6 inch above plant , Is getting around 8 to 10 thousand lumens, are my lights to close? It seems to be growing slowly
  9. 3 weeks

    3 weeks

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    Need advice - High temp problem

    Just worried that it's not getting Anoth water and will dry out the soils very light
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    Need advice - High temp problem

    Hey my grow room is consistently sitting at around 28 degrees Celsius atm it's been a bit hot here lately .my plant is a blue mystic auto about 2 weeks old . My question is ? How often should I be watering my plant it is in a 10l pot. It seems to be going dry everyday about 1 inch or more ? Tia
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    Mars 300W LED - Pineapple Express & Blue Mystic Autos

    Pineapple Express seed didn't germ . Blue mystic seed is going well . It's been hot here lately so temps bit high sitting at 28c atm . Just wondering how often I should water . It seem to go dry about an inch or more deep everyday?
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