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    Coconut Tincture

    Thank you so much ! Not dead set on coconut, I think I am going to try different oils, thank you.for the link. Cheers
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    The problem with pills, as is the case with my friend, you mentioned this. He did not know he was addicted till it was too late, with over a decade into this dependency, the only way is tapering down in my opinion. The first two weeks he thought he had it licked, only to realize with my helping...
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    I am currently helping my friend who is addicted to norco with tincture and edibles, it really does work. It requires discipline of timing the dosing, and monitoring but it works. He has been addicted for over ten years, always running out of meds before time to renew scripts, in pain, and...
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    Coconut Tincture

    I recently helped my friend, who is heavily dependent on norco with Tincture I made in the alcohol process. His consumption was 90-110 pills a month, running out before his script renewed, with withdrawals in between. I have been monitoring his progress, the synergy thing works. This will be his...
  5. 20180429_062122 (1).jpg

    20180429_062122 (1).jpg

    28 days from seed Auto White widow
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    28 days from seed
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    Best places to buy auto flowers with easy processing

    My crop king auto white widow @12 Days
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    Day 12 auto white widow
  9. Day 12 .jpg

    Day 12 .jpg

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    Best places to buy auto flowers with easy processing

    Thank you got some white widow from them..
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    Nutrient schedule for auto flowers

    It is a wonderful glorified hobby. Very excited about learning the process ..Studied intake and exhaust. Using 9ppm water Ph balanced 4" 210CFM carbon intake/ 6" 350CFM carbon exhaust with 10,000BTU AC. Even rocked 2 1.3 gallon steam humidifiers. Hey, what can I say? I am semi retired, digging...
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    Best places to buy auto flowers with easy processing

    Hi all, Any recommendations on places that make it easy to buy auto flowers? Cropking rocks ! any other recommendations? not into the bitcoin thing
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    Nutrient schedule for auto flowers

    they are starting day 2 using carbon filtered intake/exhaust
  14. day1


    day 1
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