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    Cannabutter - Warning Not For Beginners

    Re: Cannabutter :Warning Not For Beginners: I guess I make my cookies a little strong then?... I made some butter and cookies last week, I used 2oz of weed to 1/2 pound of butter. This is the second time I made this butter ratio. I then used the butter to make 40 cookies. These were some...
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    A continuation of the defoliation conversation

    Well hello again guys! I am happy to say that the next harvest is in allthough the results are less than ideal. For this round the strain was Strawberry Cough. I have ran this strain 5 previous times, it was a consistant producer with yeilds averaging 4.5 oz per plant. I had used a bit more...
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    Hey Y'all, just joined

    Welcome to the best forum on the interwebs! Enjoy your stay! Jonny
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    Bassman's 6th - RDWC - Hi-Defoliation Martian & Master Kush

    Re: Bassman's 6th, BPN, RDWC, Hi-Defoliation, Hi-Yield Martian & Master Kush grow. The plants look great! I've been following closely but wanted to post to shoot some good kharma your way. :) May your harvests be plentiful so that your cup may runneth over :) Jonny
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    The Defoil method, is it sometimes just a little too much!

    I was a skeptic as well.... accually I pissed a few people off being a skeptic lol. :) I realized that i might be missing something about the argument so I am doing some defoliation experaments currently. I really felt that there was only one way to know for sure and that was to do it and find...
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    PH ruining my grow please help!

    Well I can't help much.... it should go down accordingly from cup to res?... seems strange... rarely do I hear "alkalinity" used in pot growing... it buffers ph from fluctuating. In hot tubs it must be considered to keep the ph from moving.... never really considered it when it comes to growing...
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    Cloning From Flowering Plants - The ABC's

    Very cool post. I have cloned flowers before and had to just do it 4 weeks ago to keep a strain from going extinct. Nice to see you post a guide. :) Jonny
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    A continuation of the defoliation conversation

    The newwst test plant was stripped today! Now the other one looks bushy lol.... but for the sake of comparison I just lightly trimmed it up. I Burned out one of my 400w HPS mag ballasts the other day opened the room and the bulb was very weak! I feared the worst but took it to my hydro store...
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    How To - The SCROG Method

    Epic post. + reps! Thx for posting. :) Jonny
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    Sealed Garage Medical Grow

    I have been following closely.... amazing so far pal! Amazing plant... + reps! Jonny
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    Xlr8's Psychedelic Bloom Party Extravaganza

    re: Xlr8's Psychedelic Bloom Party Extravaganza Wow.... I thought I was the only one who did this... lol... It was such a good idea at the time lol. Funny enough I accually just rinsed my whole mouth out with isopropynol... it was awful... I tried to play it cool but I really really really...
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    A continuation of the defoliation conversation

    Hello again friends! This is a continuation of a previous thread that was running on the subject of defoliation. The thread is linked below... Trimming before flowering? I want to start by saying that the previous thread really bothered me, I have not posted since then cause I felt...
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    Xlr8's Psychedelic Bloom Party Extravaganza

    re: Xlr8's Psychedelic Bloom Party Extravaganza I still have access to a mom from the original Big Bang that I grew. I haven't ran it in a while but a friend still does and it is still strong as ever. :) I have moved to Strawberry Cough and Triple X.... both are great and I would recomend...
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    Xlr8's Psychedelic Bloom Party Extravaganza

    re: Xlr8's Psychedelic Bloom Party Extravaganza Amazing grow pal.... took a while to catch up but worth the read. As always you have such a nice tight set up, looks fantastic! I will continue to watch as it comes down the home stretch. I had to at least pop in to give ya props on another...
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    First Time Soil Grow 600 Watt MH/HPS

    Looks great so far pal. Keep up the good work. Pics are great.... keep em comin' :) Jonny
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