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    Ducting Question

    Re: Ducting Question. Reducing the intended duct size will most likely reduce the life of the fan. Really have no idea by how much. The fan will probably be louder due to it trying to pull through a smaller duct. I'm guessing he got the 4 inch duct cause that's all he saw at the HD or Lowes? If...
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    Hydroponic Grow Room

    Thanks man, Nice to see alot of old names still around. The site looks better then ever. Nice work! :bravo:
  3. Stix

    Attention All Ebb 'n' Grow Users

    I've been using the CAP 24 bucket Ebb&Gro system since 2005. I've got a few grow journals on here. From building the grow room to actually growing. I've since bought another system for veg. It's an awesome system.
  4. Stix

    Multiple plants per bucket?

    I've done 3 plants per 2 gallon bucket in an Ebb&flo system. I had better results only doing 2 plants. You can and should do atleast 2 plants per 5 gallon bucket possibly 3.
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    How Do You Nute?

    Fill resevoir with water. Add base nutrients. Ph balance the water. Add additives.
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    Top 5 Journals Ever Posted

    My first Grow will always be my favorite. Stix' First Hydro Grow
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    Hydroponic Grow Room

    Seems like yesterday that I did this thread. Where does the time go?
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    What Are Your Top 5 Yummy Buds? - Taste

    Re: What's your Top 5 Yummy buds (Taste) Bubble Kush (Only bud I actually ever cross bred) Grapefruit White Widow Oasis NL Strawberry Cough BubbleGum
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    When is the bud stage going to begin? Getting very tall.

    Your getting almost 15 hours of sun right now in NJ. I don't think your plants will begin to flower until early august at best. That will set you up for your "normal" mid october harvest.
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    Timer + CFL = ?

    Some electronic timers use the filament in the bulb to keep time. These timers are designed to replace a regular wall switch. They are usually not a plug in timers. They simply have 2 black wires. In order for the timer to keep time it needs to have a constant flow of electric. This is achieved...
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    Help Me Please

    Leaves generally will not regenerate. Your damaged leaves will most likely continue to get worse then fall off. If you don't get the medium right any new growth will suffer the same demise as the older part of your plant is suffering right now. new leaves will not grow in the same spot as...
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    Help Me Please

    Feeding your plants 8 times the recommended strength may have adverse affects. I would flush your plants for a few days then start back up with 1/2 recommended strength for a week then go full recommended strength.
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    Could someone PLEASE settle this LED question for me

    I'm sure you would find this thread to be interesting. LED vs HPS
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    420 Magazine's 420 Member of the Month: June 2009

    I was gonna nominate weedpipe. But that's before I found out he's a pothead.
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    Wattage Question

    This subject got me wondering exactly what the risk may be so I did a little research. Here's what I found so far. While incadescent bulbs (standard bulbs) draw current depending on the size of the filament. HID bulbs are force fed there current. Meaning, the ballasts feeds the bulb a set...
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