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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    Picture time! Buds on both plants are a little bigger than last time.
  2. 20200221_173008.jpg


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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    That's cool. I wish I had a line on clones. I could use more Pink Candy (it was a clone), but the dude that had it got lost. I just got Rapid Rooters today. I've only got a few weeks left. If the smell in the room is any sign of quality, I should do ok.
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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    I need to grow something else. I'm sick of Strawberry Banana. I have new seeds... Wembley from Pyramid in Spain. I grew their King Tut with some success. Hoping to do that again. I'll have a bit of bud off my to plants right now, which I'm looking forward to... I want to roll a nice 3...
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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    Yeah. That's not too terrible. They seem to mostly be in the thousands. Foods press was cheap... I want to say it was under $300. But I think it would be fun to build. Those little bags are rediculous. My favorite hydro place sells them a little cheaper but they still ludicrous. I sell...
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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    But how much is it and what force does it put out? I want to mill a plate to keep the heating plates flat during use. Maybe even add guide pins. I can get used plates from friends for cheap I've only pressed rosin once at Dr Doobs house. I didnt get a whole lot, but the bud was not very...
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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    I've been looking to make a rosin press. I can get the press, a floor standing15 ton, for less than a couple hundred buck and the heating blocks and controller for a couple hundred bucks. But I'm poor right now... I hate waiting for people to pay me.
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    Monster Cropped Strawberry Banana

    I gotta get into that. I usually just make oil out of the scraps. Which method do you use to make hash? I've thought about making a sifter, but I'm so lazy
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