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    Carcass' $150 Low Budget Grow 2019

    Love those blackberry buds carcass! There's something about deep purple in weed!
  2. StoneOtter

    Stunger's Last Stand: Banned To The Balcony!

    Mice got my whole start last year! Buggers! Slugs now! Yuk! Retched beasts!
  3. StoneOtter

    DWC vs. Coco vs. Soil: Verbalist Comparison Grow, Critical 2.0 XL & Blackberry Kush

    Brilliant fe fix for your critical plant Verbilist! I didn't see that coming! Nice to see her come around! New lights are doing fine work! You rolling with the punches!
  4. StoneOtter

    Mars-Hydro DWC 1 Plant 4x4 Scrog

    It's a breath of fresh air to see a scrog done in scrog fashion. We see lots of "help with nets" which is what I do most grows, but a good scrog is special and really calls for recognition. Love them!
  5. StoneOtter

    Grand Daddy Black Grows A Stack

    Yep, maybe next week she'll hang.
  6. StoneOtter

    InTheShed Grows Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    I had a fan hitting it to move the warm air around before getting drawn out. I also slowed the extraction fan to keep it in longer.
  7. StoneOtter

    InTheShed Grows Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    There we have it! Another super VG idea via grandma :love:
  8. StoneOtter

    InTheShed Grows Inside & Out: Jump In Any Time

    Me, if that's a chicken heater. Worked for me in my winter Neville's Haze warm up. Cozy coop heater.
  9. StoneOtter

    Trala’s Tent

    If trichs are telling you that. When in the trich color spectrum do you think you'll be doing the deed? I hear outdoor trichs can go all amber and be = to something different than in a tent. Have you harvested at all amber trichs outdoors?
  10. StoneOtter

    Dark Matter, Red Sky, Chunky Cherry Thai, BP Skunk In LOS

    I hope to make hash out of some of it. We'll have to see how the rest of things go.
  11. StoneOtter

    Benders Blue Cheese

    There's an autoflower link in the sig below too bender. Nice start Good Luck!
  12. StoneOtter

    Hello from Va first indoor dirt grow

    Welcome BendertheBandit! Check out the watering links in my sig below.
  13. StoneOtter

    High Desert Greenhouse Grow

    Fred aint sayin :ciao: :love:
  14. StoneOtter

    Dos-Si-Dos & Wedding Cake ala Dope Seeds

    Close but I have two tents started now, I haven't started the second journal and shut the dark matter one yet. December will be flowering still here, Thanks for the invite! I think late January could be the earliest.
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